The Beginning

Considering I want this blog to mainly be a place to document our first year of marriage - I should start with a little background info.  Before we got married we dated for eight years.  For four of those years we lived abroad.  Two of those years were spent in a place that whenever I talk about it, even think about it my face lights up, I can assure you that Steve is the same.  It is the place where we had our first apartment.  It's the place where we really got to know each other.  It's the birthplace of our beloved cat, Basil. It's the place that we both fell in love with.  It's the place where our hearts are. That place is Vietnam.  And for both of us that place is our (other) home.
At a cafe outside our first apartment
Hopefully I can slowly recapture those years throughout this blog, as those were two of the best years of our lives. 

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