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Let me take this fine opportunity to introduce you our new place on the interweb.  I'll  be completely honest - I have contemplated a while about starting a new 'blog' after we were officially married but have never got around to it until now.  OK - I am totally lying!  First I brainstormed possible blog names, which seemed to last for an eternity.  Each time I convinced myself I had come up with something clever Google confirmed that my creativity was far from brilliant.  Fine then, Hope Squared it is.  It was either that or Hope.Hope.  Really Emily?  I know that's what you're thinking.  Then I decided that I would take yet another stab at blog design.  But again I was shown that I can't Google myself through CSS coding. Thanks to an image purchase, adobe illustrator, and some free font downloads I at managed to pull together some sort of header. 

So here we are.  New 'blogspace' and nearly a month into marriage.  So far so good.  Why am I blogging you ask?  Well that's simple.  I want to document our first year of marriage.  Not that I expect that it will be any different than the previous eight years of domestic partnership - but I think it would nice to have memories documented somewhere so that when we look back we don't just remember all the work, and stress, and tiredness, and late nights (writing reports and program plans - definitely not partying) and laundry, and dirty dishes, and..... Seriously there is more going on around here than that, I think?  My goal is to stick it out (blogging - not marriage) so I've publicly challenged myself to keep this blog alive for a year.  Why the challenge?  Who doesn't like a good challenge?  But truthfully it's because I am a notorious blog vagabond. Seriously, you've probably heard of me. This time it's different.  If I can give up meat for a year - I can do this. So here it is: one year of marriage + one year of blogging in the same location = Hope Squared.


  1. yay!!!! im not the only one to sit and blog late at nite lol

  2. Looking forward to following your 'marriage blog'....not only for your first year but for many years to come!!! I LOVE the design....

  3. Ok - obviously I'm excited because I love a good blog and I love you and Steve. But to be totally honest, I'm most excited about the cat-astrophy page.

  4. just dropping by from FTLOB! i think your first post is beautifully written! and i think you should write "the little things" down as much as possible! you will be glad you did in the long run! && hope squared is a perfect title! : )

  5. I think your blog name is cute. The first year of marriage is special, so it's wonderful that you are creating this written memory.

    Stopping by from FTLOB.


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