Flashback Friday

Maybe it's all the talk of the Royal Wedding (which I missed) but I am feeling romantic.  So beware of some major cheesiness below.

Before we were married, or dating, and even before we were friends - Steve was already a huge part of my life.  We just so happened to attend the same college and know a lot of the same people.  We knew each other but didn't, you follow?  Steve used to study in the college library.  So did I.  However I wasn't studying my books.  I was busy 'studying' the hunk sitting at the other table.  Little did I know then that the hunk was my future husband.  Sure I probably thought about it, but young girls imagine being married to everyone right?

Eventually we were properly introduced and started to build a friendship.  The crush faded and we became pretty tight friends, maybe even best friends.  Whenever I had a problem or a question - I'd go to Steve.  Whenever I was sad - I'd go to Steve.  Then one day he told me he was moving to South Korea.  I thought no big deal - friends leave.  I thought this until the day he left.  I remember saying goodbye - driving away - turning the corner - and pulling over and breaking down.  I remember thinking WTF was that about?!" This was goodbye number one.

Well turns out I missed him so much that I went to South Korea for a visit.  We started 'dating'.  But I had plans to spend a year in Australia (that's a story for another time).  The day before I left, Steve and I went to Seoul and decided to grab a beer at the Top Cloud Restaurant in the Jongno Tower.  It was the most expensive beer I had  ever purchased in Korea.  But it was worth it because of the company I got to enjoy it with. This was our second goodbye and the moment I realized it wouldn't be our last. 

{Edit: Date should read Seoul | 2003}

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  1. Aw!! That is a beautiful story!! <3

    My husband and I are from different countries and were separated for a while in our dating days... which led to our engagement because we couldn't bear to be apart. :)

  2. This is a great story! Came over from FBF.

  3. The way that you wrote it gave me chills. Ah, young love!!


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