Gettin' Down On Friday

Thanks Ms. Black! You're absolutely right, everyone is gettin' down on Friday.  In case you don't know what I am talking about, click here to find out, and even if you do know why not click it for a laugh?  Anyway this particular Friday is coming up Emily.  And I will certainly be gettin' down!  Down to business that is - for a number of reasons. 

First off, Sweet Valley Confidential (previous post) arrived on my desk one hour before I packed up and called it a day.  I slightly embarrassed myself by squealing and dancing while I opened the package.  Seriously though - it's like someone just handed me back my childhood.  AMAZING!  I couldn't resist snapping a photograph to capture the moment (even though I had to wait until I got home). I can't wait to start reading this.

When I got home, I noticed that our 'thank you' cards had arrived and I commenced my second joyful squeal and dance of the day, not bad!  We are a bit late at sending these, but better late than never.  Normally I would have designed and printed these myself but having taken on the tedious task of hand making our wedding invites I decided that ordering them online was a better alternative.  I won't spoil the surprise - but check your mailboxes friends because you've got mail.

After all that dancing you'd think I'd be danced out - but if you know me they don't call me the queen of the dance floor for nothing.  Well don't be surprised when I tell you that I did manage to get a third squeal in and well a fist pump (because I was sitting down - and it's still dancing) because when I opened my e-mail I received a lovely e-mail from Pinterest confirming that I was in.  Best.Ever!  I had just tweeted them the other day asking for an invite and they tweeted back telling me to be patient.  Apparently my patience has paid off.

@ Did you request an invite from our site? Because everyone  gets one, just a little patience. :)

All in all - it's been a pretty awesome Friday.  Minus the marathon of meetings I endured today. 


  1. Firstly, I want to read that book when youre finished....

    Secondly, I would like an invite to pinterest too....if I knew how to get it....

    Thirdly, didnt we take pictures for thank you cards?????

  2. I will also take an invite to pinterest....


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