Did you know that Steve, my husband, can write an excellent travel review?  I'd share some of his work, but I don't want to spoil any of the goodness, plus he'd probably 'kill' me if I did.  And lucky for you I have decided that I am going to follow in his footsteps.

In my short travel career I have been to a few amazing places and each worthy of a detailed review.  Plus I've got a computer packed full of travel photos just screaming to be shared with the world.  OK maybe not the world - but dream big right?  My plan is to start digging (metaphorically) through old photos until I am inspired.  Because if I don't all you're going to get it a detailed review of how awesome Vietnam is - and I should probably change things up.  So I created a stand alone page called Globetrotting that I will link each post to to make things easier to locate for those hungry travel-need-to-knowers.   You're excited aren't you?  Because I kind of am.

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  1. that photo is beautiful! you should definitely pursue travel writing, i'm sure your stuff would be wonderful. i always love looking at travel photos.


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