Now this is Sweet!

Between work and previous wedding planning consuming all my time - I somehow missed the release of this. 
That's right - Sweet Valley Confidential..10 Years later.  Like most girls - I owned every book in the Sweet Valley High series. I have even recently contemplated rereading them .  My weekends were spent reading them one by one, in order of course.  I always dreamed of being Jessica Wakefield - or at least being her friend. She had it all fashion sense, popularity, boyfriends.  It's funny now because I am nothing like Jessica and would relate more to Elizabeth - but Jess will always be my fav!

I am patiently waiting for a  copy to arrive at my office any day now.  I have only called the front receptionist twice to ask if anything arrived in the mail for me.  Why didn't I just splurge and get rushed shipping? I am praying that I will have it in my possession before the weekend - because I have nothing planned but getting caught up in the lives of the Wakefield twins.

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  1. Every time I put on tight jeans, I remember how Jessica used to sit in a tub of hot water with hers on to make them tighter...


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