One Monthiversary

One bonus about getting married, besides adopting a cool new last name, is that you can start counting the months again.  Goodness if I had kept doing that before the wedding Steve and I would have been going on our 99th monthiversary.  Crazy!  However, today marks one month since the best day ever.  How did that creep up so fast? And why are Steve and I still suffering from post-vacation-depression? This is probably why newly married couples don't post-pone their honeymoons.  But at least we have a vacation to plan and look forward to? It's a win-lose. 

Well we are not big celebrators - but earlier this week I had decided that we should celebrate our first month with a nice home cooked meal.  I even included dessert, that's fancy around here. Apple Strawberry Crisp just in case you were wondering.Unfortunately yesterday I came down with a flu but today was feeling about 75% better.  I did manage to get dinner and dessert made - but wasn't able to fully enjoy it.  Steve assured me it was delicious.  I think we will do this every monthiversary.

Also this month we both turned 31.  For those of you that don't know - Steve and I are only four days apart. So obviously I am the older and wiser one.  We don't usually give gifts and usually save that money for vacations or larger purchases but my lovely husband did surprise me with these beautiful flowers.   
Sorry girls (and boys) he's spoken for.

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