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I am in desperate need of some spring revival!  What is it about spring that makes you want to refresh and get moving?  Perhaps it's because we live in Canada and we are all just now coming out of hibernation, (and not to mention probably a few pounds heavier).  During the winter not much happens and the months just sort of drag on and on, pretty much the weeks are filled with work, eating, and sleeping. But now the temperature is rising and I am getting antsy to spruce up my wardrobe, clean and organize our apartment, participate in some outdoor activities, and last but not least - get my craft on.

Obviously I plan to start with the fun stuff.  Crafting!!  I am aching to rekindle my romance with my sewing machine, we really don't spend enough time together.  But I am not the type to sew for no reason, well I am, but not anymore.  I have decided to  put a little challenge and inspiration into my crafternoon sessions. About a year or so ago I stumbled on Tie One On  and instantly fell in love.  Basically it's a blog for both apron lovers and apron makers.  Every few months  there is a new apron theme posted and apron makers across the world wide web submit their creations.  What a wonderful way to create and get inspired right?

This months theme is 'The Storybook Apron'.  I've been contemplating a few ideas - but keep falling back on one of my favourite childhood storybook characters - Amelia Bedelia how funny were those storybooks?  I have such fond memories of sitting in the library as a young girl reading these books over and over again. Of course when I think of Amelia - I also instantly think of her trademark apron! It's the perfect choice for this theme and I have found (and purchased) the perfect apron pattern from this lovely Etsy shop, Pretty Ditty
 Just because I read these book back in the 80's - doesn't mean that Amelia's fashion sense needs to stay there.

But wait - there is more to this sewing challenge.   When I am finished making and sharing my masterpiece I am planning to donate it to a fundraiser that my workplace is hosting to support both meals on wheels and other senior focused programs.  I mean really - who wouldn't want to win one of these?

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  1. I want to win one!!! I love the pattern! We must have a sewing date so you can teach me your skills. And a shopping date - I also need to spurce up the wardrobe.


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