Tail Wagging Tuesday | Bling! Bling!

This has got to be my new favourite day!  Not only is Monday officially over but today I get to show off my fur-baby to the inter web, best.ever.  That's right, C Mae from Live What You Love is once again hosting Tail Wagging Tuesday.

The Topic: Bling! Bling! 
When we first brought Basil to Canada, he's from Vietnam but that's another story, we moved into Steve's parents house to get our feet back on the ground.  We had both been living abroad for four plus years.  Before we moved in we had lived in a smaller house and Basil was the only cat.  Moving into Steve's parents house - was for a cat similar to moving into a jungle gym plus the companionship of three other feline friends.  Let's just say it was difficult to know where our baby was at most times as he was usually hiding or fighting or doing something naughty- so we invested in a collar with a bell.  This way we could hear him coming (or more usually - going) and tell me what's cuter than a cat with a bell?  Nothing!  See for yourself.

Adorable right?  Well the last few years Basil has packed on a few pounds (aka grew out of his collar) and we moved out of Steve's parents place to a much much smaller one bedroom apartment and the need for a collar and a bell became unnecessary so Basil now struts around bell-less.  But, he has inherited some new bling! bling! and I think it might out do his bell.

 I know too cute?


  1. Both of those end pictures KILL ME! I love the look on his face.

  2. Hehe, so cute! My kitties don't wear collars but they probably should.

  3. I just gave you a blog award!! =)

  4. Thank you for sharing your fur baby with the blog world and linking up!! _ C MAE


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