One 'Yard' Wonders

Sunday's are the perfect day to get crafty and that's exactly what I did.  Hallelujah!!!  I have been stuck in a sewing funk lately so I am quite pleased with the sudden urge.

Last year I purchased One Yard Wonders and have yet tackled one of the 101 projects inside the book - this was until yesterday.

After looking at the bare windows in my rental kitchen I decided I needed to get something up there, and quick, and I then remembered seeing a pattern in 'One Yard Wonders' for 'Ruffled Cafe Curtains'. Perfect!  With a quick dig through my fabric stash I found some that I had purchased a few summers ago.  I am not in love with this fabric  - but it it's better than nothing.  Plus I needed to do a practice run anyhow!  

But first,  like all great 'crafters', I consulted Google for reviews and images of completed projects for some added motivation and potential problems and thankfully stumbled on this, a 'One Yard Wonders Sew Along for 2011'.  

{via Pink Chalk Studio}
What a great resource to reference back to!  Unfortunately I don't have the time to pump out two projects a week or I would start participating.  So I will just creep these creations and use it as inspiration.  And maybe if I am feeling brave I'll submit some photos.  {I'd probably have to be pretty drunk for that to happen}

So I once again dusted off my machine, cracked open a beer (yes I drink and sew - it's helps with my confidence), and got to work.  This project probably took me a little over three hours - but I wasn't really rushing it.  I am now thinking I might need to spend some time on Etsy to find some nicer fabric (I am always looking for excuses to browse and purchase fabric).  But in the meantime I will just be proud of my accomplishment and relish the unusual spurt of creativity.

Do you like the nice woodwork above the window?  Looks like some carpenter was also feeling creative.
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  1. I demand a "teach Randalin to sew" date.

  2. @Randalin - I would love this! Let's set something up after you move. We will come down and the boys can go out and we will SEW!

  3. I wish I could sew! I love crafting, but sewing is just not my cup of tea. Glad you were able to get crafty and I love that you drink beer while you do it. Haha


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