San Francisco

Two years ago Steve won two return tickets to a destination of his choice in the US, excluding both Alaska and Hawaii. Obviously my first response when he told me was Hawaii, damn!  Well, after some serious consideration we decided that it would make the most sense to travel to the furthest state from Toronto.  Regardless of what the answer is - we determined that it was California.  We debated some potential itineraries and finally decided that we would fly into San Francisco and fly out of Los Angeles.  We secured a car rental online and planned to drive from San Fran. to L.A. {insert road trip} and Steve worked on finding us hotels. My job was to purchase the most current lonely planet and started researching.  And research I did.

As soon as I started reading about San Francisco - I knew it was going to be love at first sight.  And I was correct. The moment we arrived I could tell this city of was begging me to stay.  Unfortunately our visit only consisted of a quick stopover of two nights and one full day of sightseeing.  However that didn't deter us.  In true Emily & Steve fashion we set out soon after we picked up our rental, activated the GPS.  We immediately drove straight to the Golden Gate Bridge.  I'd be lying if I told you that the Full House theme song wasn't in my head the entire time. The Only thing I knew about San Francisco before this trip was that the Tanners lived there. 

We drove through the toll and across the bridge and house and neighbourhood browsed in Sausalito while discussing how awesome it would be to live there.  On our way back we were luckily we had some cash on us since the toll fee was roughly $6.00 USD.  After a bit of pre-sightseeing we decided it would be a good idea to track down our hotel.

We stayed at the Cathedral Hill Hotel which we found an amazing deal through Expedia since I believe this hotel was planned to close in October 2009?! This hotel is nothing to write home about which might explain why it was closing {I wonder if that happened} but I wasn't too concerned since a) we got a great deal and b) I knew our time spent in the room would be limited.  There was a whole city waiting to be explored. 

We started our first (and only) morning there with a delicious breakfast at Mels Drive-In on Van Ness Avenue before starting our trek to Fisherman's Wharf and then checking out {from afar} Alcatraz.  I would have liked to venture over to the Island- but we were on a time crunch.  Next time - because there will definitely be a next time.  One day is not enough time to enjoy the sites of this chilled out city.

After walking around for what seemed like hours we finally decided it was time to go get the car and see the rest of the city by navigating in comfort as we weren't blessed with the nicest weather. The day we were there it was a mix on misty rain, grey skies, and wind.  Not exactly what we were expecting for sunny California. 

For the rest of the day we drove down Lombard Street which claims to be the world's crookedest street {three times}, parked and got a close up view of the Golden Gate Bridge, caught a glimpse of the famous tram, and checked out [and smelled} the sea lions on Pier 39. 

Needless to say there is still lots I need to discover and experience in this awesome city and you can guarantee that I am already planning my next trip - because seriously I was that close to Napa Valley and didn't participate in a wine tour?! Absurd. 

Or at least we need to return to retake this photo.  Originally we stood there since there was a great view of Alcatraz in the background, but the nice man we asked kindly zoomed in and took this beauty?!  Luckily I am not vain or you'd miss out on some real gems.

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