Tail Wagging Tuesday | Favourite Treat{s}!

If there is one thing that Basil loves most in this world {besides his mama obviously} it would be cat grass.  Seriously this dude can smell it before it even gets in the house.  As soon as he knows you have it - he's on you like a kid in a candy store.  He goes nuts! 

I first introduced cat grass as a way to keep Basil from the tasting our houseplants, but I had know idea how much he would come to love it.  It's really hard to keep up with amount he consumes.  He eats it midway between every meal. eat, snack on grass, drink water, eat. repeat. I am assuming that it must be good for digestion - or it must really just taste good.  Either way he's hooked.  And extremely possessive!  If you even go near his cat grass he'll be there within moments checking things out. His sneakiness skills are unreal. I have even endured a few beat downs {or pathetic attempts} when trying to water it. 

Needless to say if this keeps him away from the plants and helps his belly - I am happy to feed his addiction.   Plus - he looks pretty cute when he's enjoying it! 

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  1. My kitty LOVES to eat grass, too! I do believe it's her favorite thing to gnosh on. :-)

    Except at some point ... I inevitably find a pile of undigested grass on my floor somewhere in the house. It's not so great when I discover this pile at 3 AM on my way to the bathroom .. without glasses or contacts ... and the lights are off.

  2. I hadn't heard of cat grass before! Maybe I should get this for my mom's cat so he will quit eating the flowers in her garden! Such sweet pictures :)

  3. My cats eat grass outside, but where do you get cat grass?? That is so cute. Love the pictures.

  4. Basil is the best (don't tell Beckham I said that!). I love reading these posts about him :)

  5. I guess this trumps the myth that animals eat grass when their tummies are upset! :) thanks for linking up!


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