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We moved into a new apartment last November and one of the key features that motivated us to move, besides the increased space it provided, was that it boasted a very small front lawn. A front lawn with patchy and weed infested grass and an overgrown garden.  A garden that both current and previous tenants ignored. And for this I am totally excited because I am going to utilize it.  I am going to make it beautiful.  I am going to grow things in it.  Alright I am going to try to grow things in it.  Things like vegetables because I am a vegetarian and I heard a rumour that vegetarians like to eat vegetables.  Vegetables such as cucumbers, peppers, and lettuce. And herbs, but I might grow these indoors.  Since the above mentioned is all I've got room for and I have a bad habit of being too ambitious.  

But not only am I excited about growing my first outdoor and indoor gardens - I am slightly more excited about how I am going to accessorize them. And I am not talking garden gnomes here.

I am talking about accessories like this sign post that make you stop and squeal inside.  I am going to attempt to make my own.  I am going to include some of the most memorable places that Steve and I have visited. However this might be a good hope.hope project since my internal compass isn't that great {I would surely confuse people} and I am not versed in reading the sun either.

{Via Pinterest}
and these adorable herb garden markers!  They make me smile.  They make want a herb garden right now.

{Via Pinterest}
All I need to do now is start reading 'Grow Great Grub' {again}, creep the 'You Grow Girl Forum' while I wait for the rain to stop, and obviously start making this because seriously I can't go into this without being adorned with cute accessories myself.

{Via Pinterest}

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