The World's Greatest

I've been in a funk lately and haven't been inspired to write.  Last week was life changing!  OK I am being dramatic.  Last week my workplace said goodbye to the world's finest colleague.  Not only was this person my colleague but she is also my friend - my best friend.  We ate lunch together nearly everyday.  We spent 35 plus hours a week together {even when I moved to an office down the street - we just chatted more on the phone}.  Now - I feel like the lonely kid on the playground that everyone feels bad for.  I am thankful I got the opportunity to work with her because she taught me to believe in myself and helped me discover the confidence to become and be great.  But most of all I am grateful that I got to meet the world's greatest friend {and ring bearer/witness}. 


  1. Pretty picture! Change is always hard, but sometimes distance makes the heart grow fonder. :)

  2. Your words have me in tears. What a beautiful post - Forever friends!


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