The First Quarter

Today marks our second milestone - today we {by we I mean me} celebrate our first quarter as married people.  Unbelievable!  How did this happen already?  It doesn't feel as though 90 days ago Steve and I were standing on that beautiful {but very windy} beach in Cuba declaring our love in front of 22 friends and family.  I am so lucky that such wonderful {and funny} man chose to be with me.

But this has got me thinking! I have wanted for some time now to start recapturing the wedding week so I don't start forgetting all the details.  I want to have something to look  back on and remember just how special the day and week was.  Through some intensive blog research {this is how everyone comes up with all their genius ideas right?}  I've decided that I can't just recap the experience in one post and call it a day.  I need to relish every detail {even if no one cares - because I do}.  I want to remember everything, from the planning, the dress, the shoes, the travel plans, the nights at the disco, to the wedding day. Maybe I am just going through post-wedding-planning depression? Does this even exist? Whatever it is - I've got a major urge to talk wedding.  And who doesn't love reading  or talking about weddings?  This girl definitely does.


  1. Woot woot! I love wedding talk! Especially when it involves two of my favourite people.

  2. I would love to see your wedding details. It has been almost 2 years for me and I definitely went through post wedding depression. It is such a special time in life. Recap it all you want...I'm going to do my share in July for our anniversary and I already can't wait. :)

  3. You should check out my Wedding Wednesdays on my blog, lots of wedding talk prompts!

    And I've definitely heard of post wedding depression. My wedding planning was stressful so I was THRILLED when it was done but I've definitely heard about it in others!


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