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{B} Bridal Party
After the tough decision was made about when and where we were going to host the wedding - we were then faced with another big decision.  In case you aren't aware - wedding planning is full of challenging questions. We had to decide whether we wanted to have a bridal party or not?!   After some deliberation we mutually decided that it would be best to do without.  We didn't want our guests to feel obligated to attend.  We also didn't want to add any additional expenses.   We simply wanted all of our friends and family to enjoy a holiday with a wedding thrown in the middle of it.  No work involved - it's a wedcation after all!

It wasn't until we started to fill out the paperwork for the wedding coordinator in Cuba - that we realized that our non-existent bridal party wasn't possible.  There was a glowing spot on the form that asked for the 'Names of bride and grooms witnesses'.   Why didn't we think of this before?  Such an obvious oversight.  So we were back to having to make a decision about selecting two guests to do us the honour and try not to work them too hard. 

Luckily for me - my selection was quite easy.  My dear friend Jen had prepared an eloquent proposal on why she would be the perfect fit.  Little did she know - she was the only one I had in mind.  But who doesn't enjoy a little flattery? Jen also held our rings during the ceremony and threw me an amazing bridal shower & bachelorette party! Lucky for me I get to return the favour - summer of 2012. {Thanks Jen and get ready for Las Vegas}

As for Steve - his decision was also fairly easy.  One of Steve's close childhood friends, Chris, had already committed to join us and since we had originally asked him to be our MC if we decided to host an at home wedding (and he's got an awesome beard) - this choice only seemed natural.  Chris also threw Steve a tasteful stag (so I am told).  {Thanks Chris for making sure Steve arrived home safely and deciding to keep the beard}

Missing something?  Get caught up here as I recap our wedding, from A-Z. 


  1. I wish every bride was as considerate and easy going as you!!!

  2. I think all 4 of you are pretty special peeps. Just sayin'.

  3. You look gorgeous...I always secretly wanted a beach wedding. Looks like you had a perfect day!

  4. Your wedding pictures are gorgeous! Where did you get married?

    ps- thanks for the comment! I love finding other Canadian bloggers :)


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