What I am Loving Wednesday

I have witnessed many bloggers in the blogosphere participate in 'What I am Loving Wednesday' hosted by Jamie from This Kind of Love and I thought that I would join in because a) I like Wednesday's b) I like stuff - a lot of stuff c) It's a fantastic way to procrastinate.   I am not sure how this really works - but here are a few things I am seriously digging this fine Wednesday:

I am loving that Tim Horton's has brought back the Blueberry Glazed Timbit!  I am loving this so much I bought a snack pack of 10 for breakfast this morning and hid it in my purse so no one would see them.  Not that I don't like to share - but seriously these.things.are.delicious!

I am loving that we are going to see Hot Water Music at the Opera House this Saturday. I've seen them before - but never with Steve.  I am also loving that they are playing on a Saturday - so we can make a date night out of it.

I am loving my new Bodum Ice Green Tea Jug.  It's perfect for summer.

And I am loving my husband's family.   They are great people and I am lucky that I get to now call them family. 

P.S. I am hoping that the Vancouver Canucks will win the Stanley Cup tonight. 

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  1. Awww.....we love you too. You are one of us and we couldnt imagine you NOT in this family. xo

  2. For the record, no one would judge you ... that blueberry delish-ness trumps a 100 cal pack anyday :)

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  3. Great post! Thanks for visiting my blog :) PS Your wedding dress is absolutely gorgeous!!! Happy Wednesday :)

  4. Those blueberry awesomeness look so good! I love your wedding picture. Everyone looks so happy and lovely.

  5. GAME TONIGHT!!!! Yay!!!! So glad you're a Canucks fan!!! Ahh I hope they win!! :D:D:D

  6. Yay for joining the WILW club. I will have to try the Blueberry glazed timbit...we have Tim Horton's in the area too. Yum.

  7. What a blessing good inlaws are!!!!!!

  8. I love Hot Water Music. They are all really nice guys too. Found your blog through Flashback Fridays. A flashback about them would be in 2002 I was hanging out with the band backstage at warped tour and actually got to stand on stage behind their drummer and look out into the crowd while they played! Hope you enjoyed the show!


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