What I am Loving Wednesday

Today is awesome!  It's Wednesday - but technically it's my Friday.  Woot! Woot!  Below are a few things I am digging at the moment.

I am super stoked that I get the next four days off. Tomorrow I am taking a much needed 'summer day' and Friday we will celebrate Canada's 144th birthday.  To celebrate Canada's birth, Steve and I will start by visiting his parents for the day and then meeting a friend for wings.  Well the boys will eat wings and since I am not a meat-eater I will enjoy some delicious poutine!  Maybe I will even make some of these for afterwards- because I do make pretty delicious cupcakes? 

I am extremely excited that Banana Republic will be creating a Mad Men - Inspired Line. Seriously?!  This is amazing! Did you know that I am a Mad Men fan?  I Recently became obsessed with this show after some office mates peer pressured me to watch it.  Now I am hooked!  I love Don Draper.  I love the afternoon drinks in the office.  I want to work at Sterling.Cooper. I want to look  and walk like Joan Holloway (Harris).  I want to see the world painted with more Betty Draper-inspired dresses.  Thanks to Banana Republic {and my laziness to vintage shop} - I can have this.  For now I am patiently waiting for the extended Mad Men series hiatus to end and this line to launch. 

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I am happy that I somehow have twenty {20} blog followers in my entourage.  That makes me feel special.  Thanks for reading lovely people - you're super nice.  I am not sure where this blog is going - but I am pretty proud that I have stuck with it for the past 3 months.  That's difficult for a girl like me.  Seriously - thanks for the encouragement. 

And I am pumped that this weekend we are planning to get out of the city and head to the Sugar Bush for some weekend BBQ eating, living room dancing, and hanging with good friends.  It's seriously needed.  Peace out!

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  1. Had no idea Banana Republic was doing a mad men inspired line so excited now!

  2. Just found your blog...so cute! Have so much fun BBQ'ing this weekend :)

  3. See you in the Sugar Bush. Bring your dancing shoes.

  4. Oh a Mad Men line at Banana? I would love to see my hubby in that get up. Enjoy your time off!!

  5. Have a fabulous 4 day weekend. There is a burn ban here in Colorado SPrings so we don't get fireworks, so ENJOY the fireworks for me if you see them!!!

  6. Loving the Banana Republic Mad Men Line! Enjoy your four day weekend!!

  7. yummm that cupcake looks super tasty!

  8. Love those Banana clothes! What fun!


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