I would like to say that I have a love hate relationship with beer {probably leaning more towards love}.  One time last summer I vowed to kick drinking it for 21 days.  During the best part of the season when patios are open and beer drinking is plenty.  Obviously I wasn't thinking clearly. I think I lasted all of three days - and vowed to never give it up again.  A much easier commitment.

If you know me - I am sure that you have heard me claim how much I love beer.  It's always been my drink of choice.  It's delicious.  It's refreshing.  It's great after a bad day at work.  It's great when meeting a few friends - to catch up.  I am not saying that my life revolves around beer - I am just saying that's it's a staple in my lifestyle.  Things are more enjoyable if you are able to kick back and enjoy a brew of your choice.  Am I not right?

The reason why I don't like it - well this is obvious.  Beer does nothing for my figure.  Unless you consider the beer baby I am growing.

As you can see I am no stranger to this wonderful drink - even 31(ish) years ago.  It all makes sense now.


  1. Ooo I love the beer too even more than wine or drinks with liquor. And yes I agree..not good for my figure either but we are aloud to splurge every now and again!!

  2. Bahahaha! Love the picture. It explains so much. Can't wait to see you tomorrow (and drink beer!).

  3. Ahh I love it! haha And btw, I totally agree. Although I usually tend to give up alcohol for lent... partly because it's a real sacrifice & partly just to prove to myself that I can.


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