Tail Wagging Tuesday | Summer Vacation

Oh hallelujah - today Tail Wagging Tuesday is officially off hiatus.  Basil is super stoked.  As am I.  I am hoping this isn't just a tease because I really do like looking at the blogging communities furry friends.  Plus it gives me an opportunity to talk about my cat.  Since I don't have children - there is a little transference going on.  How can I deny my natural motherly instincts?  With that....let's talk cat.

Topic: Summer Vacation
Basil was born and raised in tropical Vietnam {you can read about it here}.  So this guy is no stranger to the awesome powers of the sun.  He thrives on it.  He lives for it.  Oh maybe that's me I am talking about?  He's a cat - he likes the summer heat.  One of the many reasons cats are so awesome.

This is our first summer in our new apartment - and we don't have AC [yet] so Basil has been spending a lot of time in the open front window [don't worry there is a screen].  He's basically the neighbourhood watch cat.  He tells us when there is nonsense going on - he let's us know when raccoons get into the green bin.  He's actually quiet helpful. And sometimes he likes to cool down by the the fan.  I mean seriously - this dude wears a fur coat in the summer!

But sometimes - he sleeps on the job!

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  1. I'm so glad Tail Wagging Tuesday is back! Yay. Your cat is adorable...my cats always find the perfect sun spot to lay in. Have a wonderful day!

  2. oh my goodness your cat is SO cute!!! :) I think of myself as a mom to my pets too, don't worry!

  3. awwwwww, he is so cute! love it!


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