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{G} Getting Ready
After I got my hair did - I went back to my room to start getting ready.  Actually I sat there and hyperventilated a bit. This was the first time that morning I had been left alone. It was the first time I started to feel really nervous {well after the whole weather ordeal}.  I had a serious case of butterflies. I am not a lady who enjoys being centre of attention - at all. Since I didn't want to be a blubbery mess during the ceremony I decided I should get out a good cry {also I didn't want to ruin my yet-to-be-applied make-up}.  Crying was easy to accomplish just by practicing my vows.  I couldn't get through writing or saying them without a ton of tears or getting choked up.  Who knew I was so emotional!?  OK I did - I can't get through a sappy love story without shedding some tears not to mention my own wedding!

Thankfully I wasn't left alone for too long -  Randalin, Krysten and Jen had offered to come help me get into my dress , keep me company, and get ready with me. I really needed them to be there and will be forever thankful.  They helped calm my nerves - big time, not to mention the bottle of champagne that accompanied them.

Randalin and Krysten took some beautiful shots while Jen helped me figure out how to get into my dress {thanks for thinking about that}. Who knew getting into a wedding dress was so complicated?!  The lady at the bridal shop made it seem so simple.  However Jen did a great job and only missed one loop while tying the corset. Jen persevered and got it done up perfectly.

Of course I did forget to do one thing before I got into my dress...brush my teeth!  I brushed them earlier - but I had since drank a coffee, champagne, and beer and needed some fresh breath for that first kiss.  It was worth the risk.

And Steve managed to get ready on his own - with a little help from mom of course.

Missing something?  Get caught up here as I recap our wedding, from A-Z. 


  1. I think I have already told you this but OH MY Your dress was so beautiful!! Hope you had a happy fourth!

  2. Your dress was beautiful and you looked fabulous in it!

  3. I'm so happy that I got to help you get ready with Krysten and Jen. It's one of my favourite memories of our whole trip to Cuba.

  4. I love your dress - you look gorgeous! I had a one shoulder wedding dress too! so glad you linked up!

  5. LOVE your dress - absolutely gorgeous! And part of my nerves was definitely being the center of attention -so many people! haha


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