Dirty Dancing

I probably haven't told you this - but my husband is a huge (and I mean huge) Howard Stern fan.  It's to the point where if Howard says it's good - it's probably good.  Anyhow - Steve and I carpool to work together each morning.  OK well I don't drive and he drives me to work.  This is easy since we work on the same street only a few KM's apart. 

During our 15-minute commute I get to listen to Howard Stern.  I am not complaining - because to be honest I have no choice but to enjoy it.  Some things are ridiculous - but honestly sometimes there are gems like the Lady Gaga interview and performance .  Seriously - how talented is this woman?  This performance definitely put her high up in my books.  Plus my father-in-law likes her - so I have to as well right? Watch this video - I'll wait. 

Amazing right?  I like this version 100 times better than the radio one.  I want to watch Lady Gaga perform all her songs unplugged like this.  It gives me chills.

OK so I had a point to this - not to talk exclusively about Lady Gaga.  The other day as we were driving to work I heard, on Howard Stern,  that 'they' were planning on doing a remake of Dirty Dancing.  This news saddens me.  I am a fan of modernization but seriously - why my all time favourite movie?  Plus the timing seems so bad with the passing of Patrick Swayze (which was nearly two years ago - WTF?).  I can't think of anyone who could play the role of Johnny Castle better than P.Swayz.  And Baby?  Jennifer Grey was perfect for that role - she'll always be Baby to me.  I mean wasn't Dirty Dancing Havana Nights enough?

I've been watching this movie since I was a little girl.  I used to watch it - and when it was finished I would rewind the VHS and watch it again and again.  I knew every word. I knew every dance.  I knew every song. I, to this day, try to watch it every year around my birthday.  I watch it when I clean the house. It reminds me of my childhood.  It's a classic. I really hope the plans to remake and possibly ruin a legendary movie flop.  Because seriously - how can you recreate this scene?  You can't!


  1. I think we should organize a protest. For reals.

  2. Amen sister! I will boycott any remake of the best movie in history.

    Like you, I knew every word and listened to the soundtrack a gazillion times. I still know the words to every friggin song.

    I even liked She's Like the Wind!

  3. Gr. I had NOT heard this, but now I'm mad. I refused to watch the new Footloose. I can't STAND it when they have to remake everything. And Dirty Dancing is my all-time fav! Make it STOP! =(


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