Bon Echo

Since our first family camping experience back in June we have gone camping twice more.  The second time we went back to Algonquin Park and canoed for the first time.  This third time, however, we went somewhere completely new.  We ventured off to Bon Echo Provincial Park, which is roughly 275 KM north-east of Toronto (about a 3 1/2 hour drive).

Leading up to the trip, each time we mentioned to others that we were camping at Bon Echo their eyes would light up and they would then proceed to tell us how awesome it is.  After being there I can confidently say that their reaction is accurate.  It's a beautiful park.  The scenery is breathtaking.  By far this camping trip tops the previous two.  It was the perfect spot to close out the summer season (even though though it's still technically summer for the next few weeks). 

The weather was pretty great, considering the weather is traditionally bad over the labour day weekend.  The first day was exceptionally nice so we decided to fully take advantage of the scenery since you  can never be too careful with unpredictable Canadian weather.  We rented canoes and set out to do a the short 'Cliff Top Trail' hike which is roughly 2 KM in length, uphill.  I don't think the crew was as into the hike as much as I was, but I thank them for humouring me because the view at the top was spectacular and totally worth getting winded and sweaty for. 

It was so awesome - that I wasn't even scared when we ran into this this little snake.  All I heard was "Em - watch your feet!!!" I looked down and there he was. A tiny little coiled snake - ready to attack.  Normally this would have sent me running but I am a woman of the wilderness now. I even stopped to try and get a photo. That was until Steve said "Emily, if this is a baby that means...." and I replied "That means let's get the eff out of here." Thankfully my snake hating husband knew we would regret not having a photo and built up the courage to snap this zoomed in pic. 

Does anyone know what type of snake this is?  And if it is poisonous? 

We then took a canoe (is that the proper expression?) to see the native pictographs that this park is famous for.  Unfortunately out of laziness and (heat exhaustion) we never made it - but the view of the rock from the canoe was still pretty great.

For the rest of the trip the we opted for hanging out around our site - watching the fire, chilling out and enjoying the wilderness.  It was perfect and I would have rather done nothing else. 

Ok - so I forgot peanuts!  But I don't think this chipmunk eating my Goldfish crackers cared as much as I loved sharing them with him.  Adorable right?  As you can see I lined them up so he would keep coming back. 

Bon Echo. Now when I hear someone say that they are going camping at Bon Echo - my eyes are going to light up and I will begin to tell them about how awesome it is. 


  1. Wow - the scenery is incredible and your pictures are amazing! It looks like you guys had an amazing time and I'm super excited that you're officially campers!

    And not that I'm a snake expert (but I did grow up camping), but I think that is a milk snake - which is totally harmless.

  2. I'm sorry...I didn't see Randalin's post earlier. I'm really glad somebody else knows about the snakes!

  3. Your pics are looking fabulous. It must be your new-ish camera. xo

  4. That looks amazing! I can't wait to go camping again!

  5. That park looks beautiful! My husband loves snakes and I asked him what kind of snake was in your picture. He said very confidently that it was a milk snake and that it was not venomous. Phew! Glad you had a great time!


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