Flashback Friday | Rain

It was raining here in Toronto today.  The sky was so dark and gloomy.  There was a giant storm cloud just looming around.  I was out for lunch, without a raincoat or an umbrella.  Naturally - I got caught in the rain.

Being caught in the rain today got me thinking about the sporadic downpours that Steve and I experienced when we lived in Saigon.  I have never witnessed rain like that before.  It would be a perfectly normal sunny and hot day when suddenly the most ridiculous looking rain cloud would roll in.  Usually when this happened - you didn't really have much time to seek shelter.  Once it started to rain - it would literally pour.  The streets would often flood (the drainage on a lot of streets wasn't always the greatest).  To get a better sense of what I am talking about - watch this YouTube video.

As this video indicates - even when it rains in Saigon - life goes on.  No one stops.  No one cares about driving through the flooded streets.   In most cases vendors take to the street to sell unfortunate commuters who forgot their rain gear cheap (both in price and quality) rain ponchos.  I love the opportunistic mindset of the Vietnamese culture since I had stopped at many rain poncho vendors during our two year stint in Saigon.  You'd think after the first time being caught in the rain I'd remember my raincoat.

It's apparent I still haven't learned that valuable lesson. As I waited today in the shelter for the rain to stop - I decided that I had places to be and just decided to walk in the rain.  And as I walked back to the office I couldn't help but wish I would stumble upon a rain poncho vendor. Toronto - you should really consider this.

{Rain cloud in Saigon, Vietnam}

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  1. Wow, that looks like a crazy storm.

  2. Love that picture...I saw someone the other day with an adorable pocket-size umbrella in her purse. That's worth considering too!


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