Peace Out MP

Yesterday we said goodbye to an old friend.  The parting was bittersweet.  As we took our last ride in MP (Mazda Protege) and left her at her new home, Steve reminisced about the day that MP joined his family.  She originally belonged to his mom.  She became ours in 2006.  We talked about all the trips we took (and trips we couldn't take).

She was good to us but she was old - circa 1999.  She was rusty.  She was loud.  She was unpredictable.  However - she was usually semi-reliable.  But it was time to go our separate ways because she was no longer able to drive on the highway. She would shake like a mad-woman as soon as you hit 100 KM. She was going to cost too much to repair.  She had too many kilometres and her check-engine light just wouldn't go off.  We made a decision to let her go.  We'll miss you MP (but not too much). 

What does that mean for us?!  You guessed it - the Hope's are the proud new owners of a brand spanking new 2012 Kia Forte.  I'll tell you about it later.


  1. Great minds think alike. I love the new layout! I've been working on re-doing mine all week!

  2. Love the post. It's always sort of sad getting rid of an old car even if you are replacing it with something better.


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