Travel Bug

It's been roughly 9 months since I have left the country for a proper vacation filled with sightseeing, beaches, relaxing, eating, drinking, sleeping, shopping, you get the idea.  We were lucky enough to bust out of the city a few times this summer to go camping but it wasn't enough to satisfy my incessant travel bug.  Now the weather here in Toronto is turning frighteningly cold (way too quickly).  I need to plot my escape more than ever. I can't endure all 8 months of winter this country blesses us with.  I just can't!!!  And I won't!!  Please don't make me. 

This evening I taunted myself with images and memories from our engagement-trip to, yes you guessed it, Vietnam.  You're probably wondering "Man, why is this girl always talking about about Vietnam?" Well that's simple - it's quite possibly the best place on earth.  If you ever have a chance to visit - I highly recommend it. 

It's guaranteed that anytime I start looking at the photos I start with my favourite place on earth - Mui Ne! And usually this leaves my heart full and me begging to be there.  The time we were there I remember asking Steve how I could at anytime bring myself back here (there).  The town is so full of charm. Full of life.  I want to feel like I do when I am there - everyday.  Or at least know how to get there once in awhile. 

Because nothing is more joyful than watching your husband enjoy the awesomeness of the ocean first thing in the morning.......

Or watching the locals set up their shop for the day .....

All from the most perfect spot on the most perfect beach........

And enjoying an outstanding poolside breakfast overlooking the ocean.........

But the beauty of Mui Ne isn't just on the beach - but in the heart of this small coastline town.........

And not to forget the perfect way to prep for a mid-afternoon nap.  Because sightseeing and soaking in all the amazingness of Mui Ne is seriously exhausting..........

Now if you really want to read about this place more (because I know you do) check out this article my husband wrote.  Yours truly even gets a shout out......
{Click on the image - and then scroll to page 10-11}


  1. Looks like an awesome vacation!

  2. Emily - these pictures are amazing! I totally needed to scroll through these on this frosty morning!

  3. Pics are amazing!
    My little bro is amazingly talented.
    Can I come with you when you go there again???

  4. Vietnam really does look like an amazing place! I need a vacation pronto, but I guess I'll just relive old trips in pictures too. Have fun pumpkin carving...I knew you would appreciate my cat carving. Haha. I couldn't resist. :)

  5. Looks like it was a wonderful trip! I've never considered traveling to Vietnam before- maybe I'll have to add it to my bucket list!


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