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{J} Jitters
Considering the fact that I am only on the letter J it's evident that I have totally slacked on completing our wedding updates.  But I am not a quitter - easily distracted?  Indeed. Nose deep into an HTML & CSS how to text?  You betcha. So I am going to try to pump these wedding recaps out on Wednesdays because I like alliteration and I like consistency (sometimes).   Now that that is covered - back to the dragged out recap. 

On the eve of our wedding day - I was a mess.  I had crazy heartburn.  I could hardly eat.  I just wanted it to be the next day and I just wanted to be married. I wondered how we could get away with skipping the ceremony - and go straight to celebrating. I had a serious case of wedding jitters.  Not jitters of being married or jitters about who I was about to marry - I was worried about making it through the ceremony. What if I tripped while walking down the aisle?  What if I fainted from being so nervous?  What if I cried the entire time?  What if I froze and couldn't say my vows?  What if my dress didn't fit?  What if Steve hated it?  What if, what if, what if?

That evening I went back to my room early to prepare for one of the most important days of my life.  My wedding day.  Oh and did I mention that I hadn't prepared my vows yet?  Nope!  I was stressed.  I was excited.  I was freaking out.  I was filled with so many emotions I let out a big cry.  And then I drank a beer and passed out.

The whole morning leading up to the big event was filled with similar emotion - until I finally arrived and saw this handsome man patiently waiting to become my husband.

Missing something?  Get caught up here as I recap our wedding, from A-Z. 

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