Friday's Letters

The cute and funny Ashley from , Adventures of Newlyweds, has been posting 'Friday Letters' on her blog for quite some time now.  I always enjoy reading them.  They are sweet, funny, and a great way to kick off the weekend.  I am so happy that she has decided to share the fun with the rest of us.  I am not sure I've got what it takes - but I have a few important letter's to write.

{Dear Husband} I am seriously envious that your job allows you to globetrot the world.  But I am proud of you and all your hard work.  But maybe stop working so hard so they don't keep sending you to explore all these great places, okay? Thanks! p.s. I miss you, terribly!

{Dear Basil} I know you really like the blanket that grandma knitted for us - but if you could please stop biting holes into it it would be much appreciated.

{Dear Pending Winter}  You can continue to take your time showing up - it's completely cool to be fashionably late.  Actually who invited you?  Don't bother showing up at all.  The party has been cancelled.

{Dear Staycation}  You're amazing.  I am completely smitten by you.  However you'd be even better if Steve were home to enjoy your awesomeness with me.

{Dear Sleep}  I am so glad we have had a chance to reunite.  I've missed you and hope we can continue to spend some more time together.

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  1. what a great a pic of the two of you:) {I know we just met, but so colorful!} and staycation? jealous!!!

  2. You have great letters! I love Ashleys letters too! They make my week!

    Also...Thanks for your comment on my blog, I always love hearing from new people!! :)

    With Love,

  3. I love this idea, this is such a cute post!

  4. Such a fun post idea! Friday's are usually boring for me, so I might just have to do this next week :)

  5. STOP saying your letters aren't as good! They are just as awesome! so sorry your husband is away and can't just be home spending time with you! that is a BOOOO!

    thanks so much for linking up! can't wait to read more of your blog!


  6. I love the one to winter. I'll second that.

  7. I gave you an award at:



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