Friday's Letters

I enjoyed linking up with Ashley from Adventures of  Newlyweds for her Friday's Letter Link-up so much last week that I wanted to give it another go.  Because there is honestly always a few letters to be written. 

{Dear Husband}  Thanks for arriving home from your trip safe and sound.  I missed you so much. I however understand that you are jet lagged but please try to understand that I am extra chatty since I was stuck hanging out with the cat for eight days.  Humour me a little!

{Dear Weekend}  How did you get here so fast?!  And how can we make your arrival seem this quick every week (except on vacation)?

{Dear Time}  This letter might contradict my previous letter to the weekend - but please slow the eff down.  Seriously before I know it am going to be older and more jiggly.  I can't take it.  

{Dear Mindy Kaling}  Dude you're hilarious!  Thanks for sharing your comedic genius by writing "Is everyone hanging out with me? (and other concerns)."  I've seriously laughed all the way through it - I really needed that.  So thank you!! 

{Dear Christmas}  Please don't rob my bank account like you did last year - I really didn't appreciate that.  And please tell that fat guy that he is the reason most people forget the meaning of Christmas.

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  1. I'm with you on hoping Christmas does not rob my bank account this year. I have already done too much shopping. Ah. Glad your hubby is home safe with you where he belongs. :)


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