Did you know that I am a published author?  OK - that's just an exaggeration but I do contribute every three months to my workplace internal newsletter.  I write a column titled 'Completely Off Topic'.  Originally it started as a question answer column but organically it has shifted into a column of complete randomness.  Basically a coworker will suggest a topic - and then I will write about it.  There is no theme.  Sometimes it's a question, sometimes it's just something they want to know more about. I have written about why mosquitoes like some more than others, how to rid yourself of fruit flies, the health benefits of asparagus, the magic of mustard - you get the idea.

When I was approached with the topic for the most recent newsletter I was ecstatic.  I was asked to write about the benefits of pet ownership.  Are you kidding me?!  Have these people read my blog?!  I happily obliged and set off to write about a topic that was extremely difficult to keep under 300 words.

Here is what I even write about - when it's not written about here.

I’m Emily a 31.5 year old, 7 year ‘furparent’ veteran. What’s a furparent you ask? Well let me tell you. This is a term that I would assume was coined by adults (probably in the
child-rearing demographic) who have opted to not [yet] have children. Instead they have chosen, in my opinion, a suitable replacement – a loving, faithful, always happy-to-see-you furchild.

Furparents like me who prefer the feline variety are often, mistakenly, called ‘crazy cat ladies’ judged by most to be lonely women who didn’t have children and are obviously crazy to love an animal that much. The stigma can sting – and it’s simply not true. Let me share my perspective on the key perks of furparenting.

Companionship: Furbabies are not only loyal but are great friends. They listen to your problems without offering up terrible advice. They are always waiting by the door when you arrive home after a long day – ready for some snuggles and the recent office gossip. Plus you can be assured that they will never slip up and tell your deep dark secrets. Simply put - the world’s greatest friend.

Responsibility: If you’re like me and one day plan to have
actual human babies – starting out your stint as a parent to a furchild is a marvelous idea. To be a responsible furparent there are certain things you need to consider: providing food; offering exercise; squeezing in quality time; ensuring safety.These are all key skills you will need to parent human babies, right?! Why not perfect them with an adorable playful little kitten? Or a cute high energy puppy?

Reduce Stress: This is probably the most beneficial perk to being a furparent. Nothing will put you to sleep faster than the sound of a purring cat or after a good game of catch with your dog (or in my case cat). Furchildren are known to improve your mood – because seriously doesn’t your heart just melt after your furbaby does something adorable? Don’t you want to take a photo and share it with the world? Is that just me?

So tell me – what’s so crazy about being a cat lady?

Seriously - wouldn't you write about this guy any chance you got?


  1. @Randalin. Hopefully this will be the case when I am an actual parent. Luckily I can hopefully count on you for information.

  2. You know I love this post and I 100% agree with your furparenting ideas. Nothing is wrong with being a "crazy cat lady..." what's not to be crazy about. :)

  3. I love being a furparent. They are so our kids and we treat them better than we treat ourselves..they are both sooo spoiled!

  4. I just found this blog that I HAD to share with you immediately. It is HILARIOUS! Go here now...http://catversushuman.blogspot.com/


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