Install Shelf And Then Fist Pump

I just enjoyed seven days of staycation.  It was awesome!  I slept. I read. I shopped. I napped. I watched movies. I stayed in my pj's (some days). and I did some home improvements - all on my own.  I wouldn't go as far and say that I was a super handy person - but I do know how to operate a drill (kind of).  I know how to use a screw driver.  and I know how to measure.  

On Monday I took a trip to Ikea with my mother-in-law and picked up a longingly sought Lack Wall Shelf.  Since Steve was away on business - and I was too impatient/anxious to wait for him to return to help me I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I rummaged around and collected the tools and I {literally} dusted off the drill and got to business.

I then pulled out the instructions and attempted to decipher the pictographs.  I realize the goal of having picture instructions vs. written allows Ikea to sell their product worldwide so peeps of all languages and literacy levels can buy, build, and install their purchases, it's pretty genius really.  But seriously - sometimes the pictures leave you terribly confused.  To the point that you might as well be reading Japanese. 

So I would suggest before you embark on this project that you first grab a bottle of wine and consult a foreman for some advice.  I did both. 

Foreman Basil assessing the situation
After the consultation I got to work.  The instructions suggested, at least I assumed  they did, that you need to find the studs in your wall.  Well that wasn't going to happen because a) I don't own a stud finder (well unless they are talking about me because I do have natural stud-finding abilities - have you seen my husband?) and b) even if I did find said studs I already knew exactly where I wanted to hang the shelf so why bother? So I didn't. Don't tell your husbands/partners (or mine).

I pulled out my sharpie, tape measure and level and measured and marked the drill spots. I plugged in the drill.  Screwed the bracket to the wall - as tight as my super human strength would allow. And popped in the shelf by matching the grooves.  This last step, however, took some patience and several attempts.  To be honest the instructions indicated that this was a two person task and this step definitely illustrated that.  I probably attempted to line up the shelf to the grooves for a good 20 minutes plus a break.  But after a few swear words and near misses I finally got it.  And then I fist pumped.  And finally tighten the screws with the notorious Ikea Allen Key. 

Once it was good and tight - I grabbed my level, closed my eyes, sneaked a peak and fist pumped again because it was LEVEL (well almost). 

You're impressed right?  Well so was I....

And no thanks to the foreman - because after the consultation he retreated back to his office for a cat nap. 


  1. Well done Em! The shelf looks great and I also am very impressed that you did it all by yourself. ( I will give a nod to Basil, the foreman, because I am sure that it was his supervision of the installation that made it turn out so well...). Can't help but notice that the gleaming bling on your finger managed to find its way into most of the pictures...lol

  2. @MamaB I had to document and show off how shiny it was - because it wont take long until it's all dirty again. Especially with my new career has a self-declared handy person.

  3. Can I hire Basil? I have a coat rack that needs hanging.

    PS - I still swoon over your blog design every time I visit!

  4. Oh my gosh this post totally had me laughing out loud... and I just have to say it... "you go girl!"

    If I was able to accomplish such a task you bet I would be fist pumping too! haha


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