9 Years

Today marks the 9 year dating anniversary for Steve and I.  Basically we starting 'dating' at some point in December 2002.  We decided to mark December 12 as the official-unofficial date since the number 12 falls between our favourite numbers, I like 13 and Steve likes 11.  So it was the most logical decision.

Steve has informed me that since we are now married we no longer need to celebrate this date. I don't agree with this.  Those years were so monumental in shaping us as a couple that it doesn't seem right to no longer reflect back and think about all and celebrate the awesome experiences we have shared together. 

Steve and I are masters at taking the self taken-couple shot.  We take this picture anytime we go somewhere new.  Over the past nine years we now have quite the growing collection.  I love them all.  Each picture is a reminder of how we got to where we are today.  And lucky for you - I am ready to share a few snippets of memories with you. 

{2003} Steve and I first starting dating while living in South Korea.  At this point things were pretty casual.  We both had plans to do other things that resulted in us not being in the same country.  We mutually decided that we would takes things one day at a time and see where it went from there.  After a few months apart we decided we liked being together and Steve came back to South Korea from a stint of backpacking around the globe.  I was happy with his choice.  This picture is from a day trip we took to Suwon {you can read about it here if you're interested}.  This is one of my most fondest memories of living in Korea and I am really happy this picture captures the awesomeness of the day so accurately.  At this point we were just learning all about the 'self taken couple shot'. 

{2003} OK so 03 was a big year.  Isn't every couple all mushy and gross in the first year?!  This picture is from a vacation we took from South Korea to Vietnam.  It was my first time visiting, Steve's second.  At this point I think we both knew it wasn't going to be our last.

{2004} This was also an exciting year.  This is the year we decided to move to Vietnam, best decision ever!  This picture was taken right after picking up our business visa's from the Vietnamese embassy in Seoul.   2004 is also when Basil joined our family.

{2005}  At the end of 2004 we took our first trip home to Canada together in between a pit stop in Thailand and Laos.  This was around the time of the 2004 Tsunami.  Our original plan was to spend the holidays on the Southern beaches of Thailand.  Thankfully for a last minute decision we decided to scrap that plan and go home for the holidays.   On the way home we bused it to Laos where I was blessed with a wicked bout of airplane food poisoning and we were graced with rainy and chilly December Laos weather.  However, Laos was beautiful and if I could I would move to Vang Vieng and retire I wouldn't complain.

{2006}  A trip down memory lane is not complete without a mention of the best.place.on.earth.  Yes I am talking about Mui Ne.  In 2006  we decided that it was time to leave the fun and sun and head back to Canada to start building a future.  I applied to college.  Got accepted.  And booked a flight home.  But first we made one last jaunt to our favourite beach.  Our smiles in this picture are probably fake because we both knew that soon we will be forced to wear parkas and winter toques.  Oh and also consume a lot of junk food to put on a layer of fat to keep our tropical adapted bodies warm. 

 {2007}  The year we both turned 27.  The year we came to the realization that we were officially in our late twenties.  The year that Steve started his job and I went to Cuba for three weeks.  The year we knew that life in Canada was a lot harder than in Vietnam.  The year we moved to Toronto.  The year we took a break from school, work, commuting and went to Niagara Falls.  The year we decided that we never needed to visit Niagara Falls again. 

{2008} The early part of 2008 we lived the lives of poor students.  We lived in a tiny one bedroom apartment in Toronto.  It was small - but we made it work.  I worked one day a week.  Steve worked full-time and got us through.  I graduated in April of 2008 and got a full-time job in June.  We celebrated our employment with our first all inclusive vacation to Varadero, Cuba in December.  In true fashion we spent the majority of those seven days not on the beach but by renting a scooter and booting around the neighbouring towns of Varadero.  After two long years it was needed.

{2009} The last year of our twenties. The year we became adults and work consumed our lives. Early in the year Steve won two first class tickets at a work event to any location in the US.  We decided to take full advantage of this and go to the furthest {and warmest} location.  California was the perfect choice. We drove from San Francisco to Los Angles.  This was our first road trip together.  It was a short trip but one that I will never forget.  I am still plotting how we can uproot our lives and relocate to California, Santa Cruz preferably.

 {2010} Umm?! Probably the second best year of our relationship. This is the year Steve asked me to marry him. Moments before we were about to gallivant around Vietnam for three weeks. Just 8 days after my 30th birthday (4 days after his). It was the perfect way to kick off our thirties.

{2011}  The year we sealed the deal. Just days before our 31st birthdays. On a beautiful beach. With our closest friends and family. On the most perfect day in March. 2011 hasn't been the best year - but it definitely has had some of the happiest moments in our relationship. {Can you believe that we forgot to take a self taken couple shot on our wedding day?} However this picture is on our first morning as Mr. and Mrs. It's just as good.

I am excited for what the future holds and all the new memories we are going to create. But today I will reflect on all these past moments that we spent with each other. Getting to know one another. The moments that created us.


  1. Congrats! I loved looking at all your old pics! I agree- why stop celebrating your dating anniversary?? It's like having to start over!

  2. Best post ever. Please make a photo album of every single one of your self-taken couple shots..........

  3. Congrats! And what a wonderful, fun, and loving 9 years it looks like its been!!! :)

  4. You have been so many fabulous places together! The hat picture is my favorite. :) Happy 9 years of togetherness...don't stop celebrating!

  5. That is a great post and a terrific idea with your self taken shots across the world.....a book is a fantastic idea....Happy 9 years of togetherness!!


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