The Hooded Scarf

Last Sunday I finally got a wave of ineedtosewnowitis.  It was more than welcomed since I have been on a long term sewing hiatus since just after the wedding.

My 'Hooded Scarf' pattern arrived a few weeks ago and I decided it looked like an easy project to ease in to.  So I picked up some fabric.  Pulled out my sewing machine {I missed her - we really should spend more time together}.  Grabbed my sewing-counterpart and got to business. 

So my sewing-counterpart is as interested in sewing as he is in home improvements. However I like his company - so I am not going to complain.

He looked so cute just lying there that I had to break for a mini photo shoot.  Because if there is one thing Basil and I agree on - it's photo shoots where he is the star.

Seriously - his looks are deceiving! 
Making sure he looks top notch
After two sittings, and many photo shoot breaks, I finally finished.  Probably in total this project took about 3 hours.  And I am super pleased with the results.  I plan to use this baby for future camping trips.  For now I will just model it around the house.

Me and the assistant.


  1. This is amazing!!! I need sewing lessons...and a sewing machine (minor detail right?). Great job!!

  2. Lookin' good!!! Love the shot of you and your assistant.. :)

  3. Wow! Such a cute scarf/hat! I am terrible at sewing. I tried making a computer cover (similar to the vera bradley ones) and went and got the material, sewed it by hand...unstiched it...resewed it...unstiched it - a total of 7 times! I kid you not! I finally gave up and just used it the way it looked (aka: not very good). Wish I had your talent!



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