I have a confession - I am not a fan of Christmas.  I mean - I like it but I don't all at the same time.  I like the lights, the music, the pretty decorations.  But I hate the shopping. And the spending. And the stress to find that perfect gift.  I usually end up giving gifts that I like and I know they probably just end up stored away in the receivers basements and/or possibly re-gifted.  I mean why would that person want something I picked out for them?!  Something that I obviously wanted instead. 

The whole gift buying is so much work.  So much work that I get irked when the receiver doesn't make a big fuss when they open my gift.  The gift that probably took me  more than one shopping trip to pick out.  Anyways I am basically a scrooge. 

But I don't want to be. 

So this season I am trying to be festive.  I am trying to find the Christmas spirit.  It's our first Christmas as a married couple and this year has been about starting new traditions.  This is our tree.  It's small.  It's mini. But it's lovely.  Steve and I decorated it together, with love.  Steve is a better tree decorator than me.  I like to sit in the dark, drink tea, and look at the lights.  Christmas is pretty.  Christmas -1 Emily -0.

This past weekend my friend Caitlin and I decorated some holiday wreaths.  It was so much fun.  So much fun like I want to decorate wreaths every weekend.  But that's just silly. 

Don't they look awesome?! The wreaths not the lovely ladies.

Don't I look like a giant next to Caitlin?  And note to self - time to get those roots looked after and those bangs trimmed.
I wish Christmas was more about this stuff and less about the need to find that perfect gift.  Don't get me wrong - I like the giving and getting part of Christmas.  I just wish it was more like Thanksgiving.  Now that's a great holiday.  Get together with loved ones.  Eat a ton of food.  Enjoy each-others company. Eat some more food. And insert looking at the pretty lights.  Listening to some Christmassy music.  You get the idea. 

What I am trying to say - in some ways I am Scrooge but deep down I am just like Charlie Brown. 


  1. LOL....look at you getting all 'Christmassy'!!!! I LOVE it!!!! Beautiful tree, beautiful wreath, the love of a handsome husband and family to spent your Christmas with...that's what counts at this time of the year. Don't stress over getting the perfect gift...money is tight for all of us this year...spending time together is what counts....AND eating a ton of food!!! xoxo

  2. Good for you :)

    I am still a scrooge. UNSCROOGE ME!

  3. Oh yea I feel you, I love Christmas but hate the stress and the going to the mall to spend hours finding a parking space only to be trampled inside by a thrush of people. I did all my shopping online this year!! Hope you have a great holiday!

  4. Aren't you glad it's over!? haha!
    Thanks for linking up with us today!

  5. What a sweet post! I hope it was a wonderful first-married Christmas.

    One thing I do that helps me enjoy the season more is try to finish getting all my gifts by the end of November. That really helps a lot!

    I'm visiting for the Winter Warm-Up. Nice to meet you!


  6. very nice, thank you for linking up with us today. I am also now following you.


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