Basil is a Winner!

This probably reaches all levels of a crazed cat loving lady and might be as horrible as entering your children into beauty pageants but I did it anyways.  A few months back I signed up to a blogging community iBlog4me - it's a great community that connects you with awesome blogs.   Obviously I consider the status of my blog to be just that.   Anyways - there is a weekly challenge titled 'Picture Perfect' that participants can enter by submitting their best snapshots {even more than one}.  Last week I couldn't resist entering this shot of Basil - and guess what????  He won.  Obviously.

Check out his victory mention over at iBlog4me.

Also the lovely Allison from Nestful of Love has an awesome giveaway.  You should go over and visit her and enter - and just because her blog is lovely.  You'll probably win just for the fact that I sent you.  The two of us have been quite lucky in the winning department. What are you waiting for??  Go over there now.



  1. Congrats! I love that picture- he looks so cute and snuggly!

  2. That's such a great picture! Congrats Basil! :)
    I just got back from the pet store and every time I go I can't help stopping at the adoption area, gah! Why do I do that to myself! I think I had to say "don't be a crazy cat lady" about 10 times in order to leave this one adorable fat-boy named Carlos there :(

  3. Ah! I love the picture...I'm so glad he won! Does Basil win a ribbon for his efforts? Haha. Thank you so much for blogging about my giveaway. You are the best. :)

  4. That's awesome! He's a sweet kitty and no doubt a winner. Congrats!

  5. Aw congrats to you and Basil, what a cutie pie!


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