Dear Postman,

Back in December I was the winner of one of the 12 days of giveaways.  I was fortunate enough to be selected as the winner of the giveaway that Erica from Young and Fabulous was hosting. 

Seriously I was so excited waiting for this package to arrive.  I love getting mail.  I am so sick of getting piles and piles of bills.  It arrived last week but I missed the UPS delivery - so I had to wait until the weekend to pick it up from the post office.

I was so excited that I ripped it open in the car because there was no way I was waiting until we got back home - but then carefully put it back together so I could share the awesomeness with you. But first I want to take a moment and thank Erica for offering such a fabulous giveaway.  THANKS GIRL!   It totally kicked off my Christmas spirit. 

Now back to my loot. Note that this is only part one - because the awesome camera strap that I selected from Capturing Couture hasn't yet arrived. Which means I have another awesome delivery to be excited for.

Check out how cute this package is? Now you can see why I ripped it open, immediately!

Oh and the card?  It totally made me giggle.   So funny right?

And the best part - all the goodies.  Check out these rockin' earmuffs.  They have iPod headphones in them.  Amazing!  I can't wait to break these in.  It had been pretty mild here lately but looks like winter arrived a few days ago - so perfect timing. Otherwise I'd be hittin' the gym with them.

perfect fit
And you can't just keep your ears warm - so Erica made sure to cover it all and included these incredibly comfy slipper/socks.  They have treads on the bottom so I don't slip in fall.  Good thinking. 

Oh and there is more.  Some delicious smelling Pink Sugarplum body lotion, shower gel, and body spray from Bath and Body Works.  Seriously stop by there sometime and smell how sweet and amazing this stuff is. 

oh and a cute mailbox - this is going in my new office to house some of my sewing stuff
I can't wait until the next package arrives. 

Now all this got me thinking about how awesome it is sending and receiving mail.  Whether its a letter, a card, a care package {which are awesome by the way} - whatever it is - it's always awesome to get something lovely in the mail.  You totally agree with me right? 

So when I told my husband today that I signed up to be matched with a pen-pal he asked me if I felt I didn't have enough to do - I replied with 'this is something for me to do'.  I've always wanted to have a pen-pal but never knew how to go about getting one.  I grew up in a small town.  So when I saw that Amira from Shade of Gray put out a call for a pen-pal match up - I knew this was something I wanted to participate in.  OK I did have to think about if I'd be able to commit to it - but after some thought I realized that this will help keep me accountable for some crafting tasks I want to tackle.  Hopefully my new pen-pal likes crafts.   EEKK I am so excited just thinking about it.   Oh all the pretty stationary and envelope decorating. 

If you're interested in getting matched with a pen-pal of your own - go visit Amira and she'll get you all hooked up. And maybe if we're lucky - we'll be matched up.  I promise you the letters/packages will be SWEET! 


  1. Got your button doll :) Thanks for swapping I'll let you know when it's your turn for the sponsor spotlight :) new follower also!


  2. AWWW YA!!!!!!!! im so so glad you love it!!

    let me know when you get the camera strap!! it is en route and not sure how long it will take! WOOWEEE!!!

    im glad it made it there in one piece haha they had to rip it open first at UPS store and then again at the border (according to my tracking haha)

    enjoy!! :)

  3. What an awesome giveaway! You're so lucky! I love the pen pal idea - but I know I'd be the worst pen pal ever. I can barely respond to emails these days.


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