Friday's Letters

Ashley from Adventures of Newlyweds has come off hiatus - and is back with her fabulous Friday's Letters link up.  This is probably my favourite link up floating the blogosphere - because i have some a peeps to write to.

Dear Husband:  You're awesome!  Seriously the best husband out there.  All the girls be jellin' on me.   You're awesome because you braved the Sunday afternoon crowds of Ikea to pick up a much needed desk.  And you didn't complain.  You even thanked me for being so quick.  Love you so much.  p.s.  Thanks for also not complaining when you had to put it together while I sat back and took photos.  You did a super job.

Dear Body:  I've been working hard to make you feel better.  Pumping iron at the gym.  Working on my fitness. Eating clean & fresh dinners.  I hope you start to notice and appreciate what I am doing for you and start to shrink and tone up a little.  It's seriously embarrassing if I have to wave.  Keep the muffin tops where they belong.  SERIOUSLY!

Dear Juliet:  Your first hardcore song is amazing!  Seriously who doesn't love their dog as much as you?!  I would if I had one. I laugh every time I watch this.

Dear Basil:  Thanks for wearing a bow tie - without protest.  It really makes you look more distinguished.

Dear Meal Plan: I wish I starting hanging with you sooner.  You've made my home happier.  No more agreements {edit: arguments} about what to eat.  Delicious home cooked meals. And best of all some quality kitchen bonding time with Steve.  You're also AMAZING.  

Dear Husband {Again because of your awesomeness}:  Thanks for being a good sport like Basil and putting up with my ridiculousness.  Like participating in unwanted photo shoots when requested.  I love you dearly for it. 

Got some letters to write?  Visit Ashley's blog and get writing.  


  1. I LOVE the bow tie and I too love when the husband puts up with unwanted photoshoots. they sure are great :).

    And where did you find your meal planner? Or is it done by yourself? I need one =\.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. yes! I love love love these! I love the bow-tie, and I saw that hardcore video earlier and it is SO funny. I used to be a little scenester so I get it more than I probably should. haha.. Love the letters!


  3. Love the bow tie! He looks adorable :) And congrats on the home cookin! We should get together and make our awesome husbands a fantastic dinner together soon! Happy Friday!!!!

  4. Oook.. That video just made my day. SO funny! I'd seen it floating around, but had yet to click that play button. Glad I did! Also, your husband seems like one great guy..

    Brandy Jane Mabel

  5. hahaha, I loved that video.
    100% ridiculous, just the way I like it ; )

    have a fabulous weekend!!

  6. hahaha that video is AMAZING! I had to share it too. So, so funny. :)



  7. basil is one handsome fella!!!!

  8. This is precious!! Love these letters :) and love your blog! Just saw your comment on my project 365/weekly snapshot project. You should definitely come over and link up! Would be so happy to have you. Hope you have a great weekend!!

  9. Oh my goodness! Your distinguished cat is the BEST :) Thanks for bringing a smile to my face.

    Found you via the Letters Link-up.


    blogging at: http://emmyjuneborninmay.blogspot.com

  10. I love all these letters! I'm so proud you are sticking to your meal plan and your workouts. Good job! We will both be rocking Carrie like legs soon. Haha. And Basil is always my favorite of course.

  11. So, um, Basil is commenting on the blog now? Hmmm.....

  12. Basil is adorable!!! I should try to get my Milo to wear a bow tie lol! So cute :)


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