Friday's Letters

Oh hey what's up Friday!??!  How did you get here so fast?  Well whatever - you're here.  That's awesome.

Dear Husband I like you.  A lot.  You're cute.  You're funny.  You're handsome.  And you let me take photos of you when you've got Ace Ventura hair.  Alrighty then!  p.s.  I'm sorry I lied about deleting these.  I just couldn't.  I hope you'll forgive me. 

Dear Gym I still like you.  I was just too busy to hang out with you this week.  Sorry about that.  I'll try harder next week.  Because this butt can't get any bigger.  For realz!

Dear New Specs I can see clearly now.  {I betcha $10 bucks this song is already stuck in your head} It's so nice to see again.  Everything is so clear.  I swear I must have been looking out a dirty finger smudged window before.  HELLO WORLD.

{nice smile.  nice hair.  this is real life yo}

Dear Netflix Why do I only have access to the first six seasons of BH 90210?  I mean there are still four seasons I need {not want} to watch.  This Valerie  vs. Kelly feud is getting intense how can you just leave me hanging?  And I need to witness the return of Dylan McKay.  Please let me have access to more seasons?

Dear Basilio {that's a nickname for Basil in case you didn't catch it}  Dude - why are you always sleeping?  Is it because you're getting old?  Or the winter blues?  I miss your spunky attitude.  Wake up man.

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  1. I LOVE your new glasses! And the fact that you are re-watching BH 90210 makes me instantly love you...since I wasn't too sure about you before ;-)


  2. Are you Canada too?! Crazy! Where abouts?! Basil is too cute!!

  3. I take pics of J like that all the time. He has a leetle less hair than your man, but it does a similar sticky uppy thing. I think it's hot sizzle. And if he loses anymore he going to start lookin like a baby bird. ;)

    Can we talk about how hot and distinguished you look in those spec(tacular)s? Very.

  4. Love all of these but that picture of Steve is completely amazing! Please have him style his hair like this tomorrow. Thank you. Ps - You look hot in those glasses lady!

  5. bahaha I love the Ace Ventura hair. My boy hates it when I lie about deleting photos. Don't they know it's for the greater good?!



  6. omg I literally thought of ace venture when I saw your hubbys hair, hysterical! visiting from the follow fest! have a great weekend!

  7. Hehehe this was an entertaining post! And yes, that song is definitely in my head right now. I owe you $10.

  8. Holy frijoles, that was a fun read! I'm going to check out Friday's Letters...

  9. I love the Ace Ventura hair...he should go out like that! And you can collect your 10 bucks from me because I definitely have that song in my head RIGHT NOW. Thanks. Happy Friday friend! Oh and I can't forget to comment about Basil because I always do...he's adorable as always.

  10. OMG-I am a diehard fan of the original 90210. The final season was one of the best-They often show it on Soapnet!

  11. Dear Netflix...why won't you do business with us in Australia? We would love to have you. There's a knockoff called Quickflix and it's double the cost for half the selection. Pretty puhlease?!?!

  12. I love the letters especially the one to your husband!

  13. Haha so cute. And Groomzilla has some SCARY photos of me too that he threatens to put on Facebook or share with friends if I misbehave. LOL.


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