Ghost Tag

If you haven't seen the tag game floating around the blogosphere I'd be surprised.   Because I think everyone and their grandma has participated in this.  And I am a great band wagoner.  I love to jump on board.   I also don't talk about myself a lot.  Or maybe I do and I just want to do it more?  Is that self-centered and/or vain? And the lovely Allison from Nestful of Love tagged me. So I guess that means I'm it.  First go visit her and say hello.  I'll wait. 

Like any good game - there are rules.  However I am not a stickler and you can choose to follow, bend or break them if you want.

Da Rules.

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post eleven fun facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, then create eleven new people to ask the people you've tagged.
4. Tag eleven people and link them on your post.
5. Let them know you've tagged them!

{photo credit Randalin @ Harvesting Kale}

1. Like most girls born in the 80's my all time favourite movie is Dirty Dancing.  I watch it at least four times a year and always on or around my birthday.  When I was younger I would watch it back to back - sometimes three times in a row.  I was that obsessed.  I loved, and still do, the log scene.  I would day dream about meeting a boy to recreate this moment.  Steve is unwilling. 
2.  I love to dance.  I don't know if I am any good at it - but I am not afraid to shake it on the dance floor.  Nothing pleases me more than an impromptu living room dance sesh.  Plan one and surprise me with it.  Start with this song please.   

3. I am terribly shy.  I have a hard time making new friends.  Mostly because they think I am stuck up.   Really I just try to feel people out.  I am really misunderstood.  

4. Speaking of dancing - I also loved the New Kids on the Block {Donnie Wahlberg - yes please!}.  I used to watch the video for You Got It (the right stuff) religiously so I could practice the moves. I had the choreograph down pat.   It got to the point that I asked my mom if I could host a dance concert in our backyard for the neighbours.  Thankfully this never came to life.  I don't think I'd ever live it down.

5.  My favourite food - french fries and gravy preferably from a snack bar or a chip wagon/truck.  If my hips didn't disagree I'd go on a strict french fry only diet.

6.  I am really gullible.  Like if you tell me something I will probably believe you - even if I think it sounds ridiculous.  I have learned from so many embarrassing moments to check my facts.  Now if I am skeptical - I consult Google.  I hope Google won't let me down.

7.  Like Dirty Dancing - I also love(d) the movie Labyrinth as a child. Only because I had a big fat crush on David Bowie AKA Jareth the Goblin King. Looking back - I am not sure what I saw in him?  Was it the hair?  Or the spandex? Or both? We just bought this movie on Blu Ray.  I have already made Steve watch it with me.  Can you believe he had never seen it?  I know I was shocked too.  
8.   I love mangoes. I never liked them before I visited a mango farm in Cuba in 2007 and had to help pick them.  But hate papaya and bananas.  I am iffy with peaches - once I bit into one and there was a worm in it.  I try to eat them with a knife now.  

{working the mango fields in Cuba - cool outfit obviously required}

9. I don't have a drivers license.  I did - but I let it expire.  This is a sore spot between Steve and I.  I plan to get it back this summer.  

10.  When I was around eight I used to have reoccurring dreams about Corey Haim and how we were in love.  He passed away on my 30th birthday.  I was devastated.   Dream a Little Dream was another movie I watched back to back. 
11. I am going to be 32 in six weeks but I still feel like I am 19.  I hope I feel like this the rest of my life.

Allison's Questions

1. If you had to choose between a burger or a slice of pizza, which would you choose?

I think I have eaten enough pizza to last me a lifetime.  I've mentioned before - but Steve loves pizza.  We eat it at least once a week.  At points - almost twice.  I never thought I could tire of something so delicious.  I would have to go with a burger.  
2. What is your favourite cartoon character?
Since I have shared with you some traits about my childhood - this question seems fitting.  She-Ra the princess of power.  Enough said. 

3. Would you rather be at home in sweatpants or out on the town looking snazzy?

I like to think I look snazzy in my sweatpants.  But as soon as I reached 30 - getting snazzy seems like a lot of work.  I am down with sweatpants. 

4. Which do you prefer kittens or puppies?

Do I even need to answer this question?  Obviously I prefer kittens.  What's cuter than a kitten?  OK maybe a beagle puppy.  Now those little guys are adorbs.  

5.Have you ever eaten or heard of Skyline Chili?

No.  But I Googled.  It's a long ways from Toronto.  Is it worth the drive to Cincinnati? 
6. If you could pick one band to write the soundtrack to your life, which one would it be?

I would have to choose Coheed and Cambria.  My love for this band hasn't wavered since I first heard of them.  Each album gets better than the next {though I like the album second stage turbine blade the most}.  We even had this song selected as our first dance song - though we never used it.  I feel like each album represents a different stage of my life for the last ten years.  They are amazing.  If you don't listen to them - you should.

7. {the missing question}

8. If you could get a free subscription to any magazine, which one would it be?

I guess I should also reveal that I am a celebrity gossip junky?  I've toned down a bit and stuck with online blogs; Perez Hilton, Pink Is The New Blog, TMZ, Popsugar - you get the idea.  I miss purchasing weekly magazines.  I would definitely snatch up a subscription to US Weekly.  Totally the most reliable source - right?

9. Would you rather live near the mountains or near the beach?

Oh tough question.  I am a lover of both.  However I get more satisfaction from the beach.  Wait - are we talking ocean beach? or lake beach?  I would prefer the ocean.

10. What's the best meal or recipe you've ever made?

Definitely my beef stew.  It's pretty kick ass.  I don't follow a recipe.  I just wing it.  Ask my husband he'll tell you it's the best.  I didn't even pay him to tell you son. 

11. What is your favorite holiday?

My birthday of course.  Just kidding (kind of).  But really - I love thanksgiving.  It's like Christmas - but minus the empty bank accounts and stress.  Food, family, full bellies.  It's the perfect holiday. 

.......And I am going to bow out here and break half of rule three, four and five.  Did I mention I am also rebellious?  Not really.  If you want to participate - go visit Kate @ Stripes and Polka Dots and ask her if you can steal her questions because she didn't tag anyone either and also has some great questions. 

This is enough about me.


  1. If it wasnt creepy, I would say that my brother married someone exactly like his big sister.

    You and I are sisters from different misters......bahahahahaha

    ...except for the music part....
    ...and I have never seen Labyrinth.

  2. I have to say that this list made me love you even more. You may be one of the most awesome people I know! Glad my husband knew ya ;) We should go dancing soon and maybe New Kids will come on! The boys can come and drink beer and if you want, those snazzy sweatpants can even come. I'll still dance with ya!

  3. Yay thanks for the free publicity. :) And sorry about the mystery question...haha. I'm an elementary teacher, you think I could count! I loved reading all your answers! I wish we could have a spontaneous dance party together right now listening to New Kids on the Block and then we could go to Skyline chili. I'm glad you googled it...it is pretty amazing stuff. :)

  4. Yeah, you're pretty much the most awesome person I know. I didn't even have to click the link to know it was Biz Markie.

    Also, I'm totally impressed that you were a Donnie fan. I feel like that makes you ahead of the curve since I think he's the only one that turned out good looking as he got older (minus his scene in the Sixth Sense - creeeeepy). I was a total Jordan fan. I sing NKOTB songs to Kale all the time, which basically makes me the COOLEST.MOM.EVER.

  5. These posts are so fun, I did one a few weeks ago too :)

    I was a huge new kids fan, I even collected the trading cards lol
    Totally with ya on She-Ra, even had a She-ra doll but must admit I was hard core into the Thunder Cats :)

    Nope NOTHING is cutter then a kitten! {this is coming from the girl with a 4.5month old kitten :) i'm bias}

    fun answers to all the questions


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