Meet Penny!

Last week I informed you all that I signed up with Amira from Shades of Gray to be matched with a Pen-pal.  Well if you're new here or just can't remember all the awesome things I talk about - you can read more about that here

On Tuesday I received the name and contact information of my new pen-pal.  So I wasted no time to contact her to get the ball rolling.  Because I have a habit of over thinking and over analyzing and just plain forgetting to do stuff that I promised.  I obviously wanted to leave her with a good impression.

I sent her an e-mail introducing myself.  Afterwards I read it to Steve and he informed be that she probably wouldn't respond due to the fact that I am weirdo.  How dare my husband call me a weirdo.  All he got for that comment was a big fat HMMPH. 

Well she responded.  And with an even wittier response.  Seriously love.at.first.e-mail.  I knew this was the perfect match for me.  I spent some time reading her blog.  Signing up to all her social media connections.  Stalking her friends.  You know - single white female stuff.  And realized that this girl is hilarious.

Without further ado I would like to introduce you all to my new pen-pal - Lauren {or Lo}  from Crazy Ever After.  But we mutually decided that she will be referred to as Penny.  If you don't already follow her - you should.  Or even if you don't want to follow her - go over and say hello!  She likes visitors.  I pinky swear that you won't leave without a few good belly laughs.

Our Crazy Ever After

I am seriously excited to start sending this fabulous lady some snail mail. - but not snails in the mail because I don't think they'd survive the trip to Minnesota {isn't that where the Walsh's are from?}

A big shout out to Amira for hooking us up - your match making skills are impeccable.


  1. Hello, great blog!

    Please, take a look at mine and follow if you like! I'm a newbie, so support is greatly appreciated!

    ~Halle, from the Classic Glam Blog


  2. I mean my heart is just swelling with pride. I feel like I've just introduced two people that are going to have an everlasting bond and marriage. Two pats on the back for me. yeee hawww!


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