One Dozen Goals

Usually the first few days in January, like most, I sit and ponder about how I am going to change this and do that and how I am going to be all super proud of myself at the end of the year- and then I never do it.  I can't help it that I am easily distracted.  I can't  help it that I have a gazillion hobbies.  I like variety.  

In January 2010 I resolved to never eat a delicious blueberry fritter ever again - guess what I did.  And it was delicious. OK I really vowed to lose my extra hibernation pounds. And then in February I resolved to never resolve to lose weight and get my 21 year-old body back ever again. 

In January 2011 I resolved to enjoy life's moments.  Which included the moments where I eat a blueberry fritter for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  It didn't matter as long as I enjoyed each moment doing it.  I declared 2011 to be the year I could easily reflect back on and assure myself was full of enjoyed moments.  I semi-succeeded in this.  

Which brings me to January 2012.  The year I decided to set smaller, more attainable goals.  In honour of twenty - dozen (20-12) I present to you my one dozen goals.

{Goal One} Complete my 365 + 1 Project where I will capture a piece of my day for all 366 days of 2012.

{Goal Two} Figure out how a DSLR camera works.  This coincides with goal one.

Via {Sony}

{Goal Three} Learn how to better use Photoshop {just in case goal two fails}.  This has been on my goal list for awhile now.  It will definitely help make 366 photos of 2012 look all snazzy.  Since Santa didn't bring me this - I am asking cupid to tell my valentine.
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{Goal Four} Set up a blog in Wordpress.  I am naturally a Blogger girl - but some of those Wordpress designs I see floating out there make me swoon and make my heart happy.   

{Goal Five} Sew More!

{Goal Six} Learn to quilt!  How awesome are quilts?  I must sound like an 80 year old woman.  Trust me I am not.  I want to start and/or finish this beauty by the end of 2012.

{Goal Seven} Set up our home office/craft room!  This is otherwise known has my dream space.  A space to work.  To create. To relax.  To achieve my goals!  Our spare room is currently in a state of organized chaos.  I say it's organized to make myself feel better.  It's literally begging to be turned into something awesome.  Something like this.

Source:Uploaded by user via Emily on Pinterest

{Goal Eight} Cook more - eat out less!  I have so many cookbooks - I plan to dust them off and use them more frequently.

{Goal Nine} Stop eating lunch at my desk!  And actually eat lunch.  Coffee, as delicious as it is, doesn't constitute lunch. 

{Goal Ten} Take more me time - whenever it's required! 

{Goal Eleven} Sleep more!  Even if that sleep is made up of naps - sleep woman.

{Goal Twelve}  Go on more dates with Steve!  Explore our city. Eat more brunch {and convince Steve to love it as much as I do} Enjoy the good company! Be romantic!  And fall in love all over again!  Feel like this everyday.



  1. These are all amazing goals! I'm hoping I somehow benefit from the learn to quilt one. I love quilts! I need you to give me sewing lessons! Can we make this a resolution too?

  2. ahhh lemme say your cam strap will go fabbo with the SLR...JUS SAYYINNN ;-)

    i would love to do the 365 day +1 project that sounds fantastic! totally doing it :-)

    happy new year!!


  3. I love your sew more goal, I'd love to sew more, hopefully after the wedding I will have time to do it again. Happy New Year!

  4. These are great goals! The 365 day project is such a great idea!

    I too, am thinking about opening a Wordpress blog. I want to make a photography blog, and was considering wordpress, but I want a splash page and I'm not sure if that will work. I'm still looking into it.

    Hope you have a great day!




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