Peace out 2011

Two days ago I sat for nearly two hours looking at a blank blogger screen trying to come up with some creative way to recap 2011.  But I came up with nothing.

2011 wasn't the greatest year - but it wasn't the worst. A lot of exciting things happened and new memories were made.  So why is it so difficult for me to recap?  I've come to the conclusion that I didn't capture the year as well as I should have.  When looking back for photos I could mostly find blurry iPod/blackberry pics.  I couldn't even find one decent photo from May?!  What the heck happened in May?  All of this just frustrated and discouraged me more.  So I hit the save button - to save the blank draft and decided to not dwell on it.

Well I have been dwelling on it ever since. 2011 should have been one of the biggest year of my life.  With that here is my super lame attempt at a recap the year with my top five favourite moments of 2011.

With that I would like to present a new project for 2012.  A 365 + 1 project.  Because I don't want to find myself at the end of 2012 wondering what the heck happened in May.  I want to be able to remember all the moments.  For all 366 days of 2012 I will attempt to capture a part of my day.  It could be a year of pictures of Basil, or of me and Basil.  Whatever it ends up being - I will be grateful for each captured moment.  If you're interested go check it out: Hope Squared {365+1}


  1. Oh la la. I like the new design and I love your new project for 2012! Great idea! Happy 2012!

  2. I love this! Who says you need a pic from every months? Sometimes highlights are the way to go! Excited to check out your new project :) Happy New Year!


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