Progress Report: January 2012

ummm... is it just me or did January pass us by in record time?  Also the weirdest January weather ever.  Who knows what Wiarton Willie  {that's Punxsutawney Phil's Canadian counterpart} is going to tell us on Thursday.   Probably to start preparing for the apocalypse. Can groundhogs predict that?  Which reminds me - I should probably watch Groundhog Day.  Who here likes Bill Murray?  Dude is funny.  That's a topic for another time. I's got other stuff to tell you. 

At the start of twenty-dozen {2012} I set some goals.  Twelve of them actually.  I thought I would give you a quick update about my progress.  I am not sure whether to be proud.  Or to bow my head in shame. 

1. Complete my 365 + 1 Project
Well if you check my 365+1 Project blog - you'd think I had given up.  This isn't true.  I've taken photos.  It's just so hard to edit and upload them into individual posts.  I made it to day 16.  I have now decided to do one weekly upload from the photos of the week, one from each day.  This seems more manageable.  I will try to get the January pictures up ASAP so I can start fresh for February.

2. Figure out how a DSLR camera works.
I have tried to use my DSLR as much as possible and am starting to feel more comfortable with it. However I still don't know what I am doing.  I started participating in a weekly scavenger hunt.  But I find that it's so much easier to snap a moment with my iPhone. There are two February Photo-a-day challenges I am going to participate in. One I will do through instagram with my iPhone - and the other I will use my DSLR.  I might not get every shot - but go big or go home.  I should basically be a full fledged photographer by the end of February.  Packing my bags.  Heading to LA.  Becoming a PAP.

{DSLR Challenge - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot}
{Instagram Challange - #FEBphotoaday}
3. Learn how to better use Photoshop
I am still winging it. And am still without a book. And no time to watch tutorials. I still don't know what I doing. I am sure that's evident.

4. Set up a blog in Wordpress
This is probably going to happen in the summer.  Or the fall.  Or .....

5. Sew More!
Sew - no.  

6. Learn to quilt! 
I believe this requires some sewing? Check back in the fall. 

7. Set up our home office/craft room! 
YES!  This is in progress.  We dropped some cash at ikea.  Got a new desk.  A new carpet.  And started organizing.  And now our house looks like we should be casted for Hoarders.  I am hoping to get a chance to work on it this coming weekend.  Not the audition - the organizing.

8. Cook more - eat out less!
We starting meal planning.  We survived one week and fell off the wagon the next.  We're giving it another go this week.  I am determined to make this a habit.

9. Stop eating lunch at my desk! 
I did awesome with this the first week - but then it got cold and venturing outside sounded more like torture. I've had a lot of coffee and granola bars. 

10. Take more me time
I have started to post more often.  This is me time.  This is a good outlet for me.  It's not work.  I read funny stuff.  I enjoy it around here.  I would say for January - goal accomplished. 

11. Sleep more!  
I feel as though this is an impossible goal.  How does one cure chronic insomnia? 

12. Go on more dates with Steve!
January was a dateless month - but we have some planned for February to make up.  

Overall I think I did pretty good for January.  February will be even better.  Here are some other things that happened in January {In pictures}

{pretty much snoozing and treats.  Treats and snoozing}


  1. You are pretty freakin' ambitious to set TWELVE goals to begin with.

    I could be a wanker and mention how the research suggests that the more goals we set, the less likely we are to complete any of them.....BUT I won't {'cept that I just did.}

    My actual philosophy is that any progress is good progress and should be celebrated :)

  2. Good for you! I have goals set but never wrote them down. Lots of them are very similar to yours oddly enough. I should write mine down.....

  3. I'm sorry is it possible that we have all the same goals? Except for the eating at your desk part. I have to get far, far away from my desk at lunch or I'll go nuts before the day is through. Oh yeah, and the Word Press thing. I was originally with Word Press and just didn't like it, I switched to Blogger and I've been much happier. Okay, so I guess not ALL of our goals are the same. But 10 outta 12 ain't bad :-)

  4. Yeah...what Lauren said. Writing them down is probably a good idea. That'll be my first goal for February... Write down them down. Yur blog looks so good, I already thought it was on Wordpress...

  5. i love your list of goals!! definitely a good idea to help you stay on track and motivate yourself

  6. Sounds like you're making progress! I still don't feel like I really know what I'm doing with my camera, and I feel like I take a lot of pictures! Oh well, we'll learn as we go :) And I feel pretty comfortable with Photoshop, but I'm still discovering new things. It's intense!


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