Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Week 1

While searching for some inspiration for my 365 + 1 project - I came across a Photo Scavenger Hunt link-up hosted by Ramblings and Photos.  Seriously I need all the help, inspiration, and ideas I can get my hands on.   I am finding it extremely challenging to find the motivation to pick up my DSLR.  I am hoping these challenges will help me stick with it. 

How this works: Each Sunday Ashley provides you with five prompts to interpret and capture throughout the week and then share on Sunday.  Since I only found this today - my interpretations and creativity were limited. But I am super excited to work on the prompts for next week: sunset, black & white, a day in my life, four, and colourful. 

But let's get to the prompts for this past week:
  1. Stacked up
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. Sweet
  4. Hole
  5. Frozen
And here is what I captured:

{1.Stacked up}

We have a small bookcase in our living room - it's stacked with books.  This section in particular is my favourite.

{2. Winter Wonderland}
{iPhone Pic}
We've been experiencing above seasonal temperatures here in Toronto - and no one is complaining.  On Thursday it was rainy and well above freezing.  This is the winter wonderland that we woke up to on Friday morning and well below freezing. 

{3. Sweet}

Since we have started working out and are 'trying' to eat healthier - there is a lack of sweets in the house.  However - I found this guy all snuggled up for the night and that's all the sweetness I need.

{4. Hole}

I wish I had more time to search for this - but this is all I could come up with.

{5. Frozen}
{iPhone Pic}
While out shopping today and returning to our frozen car - we snapped some photos to try to forget about the cold. 

Check out some other interpretations on Ashley's blog.


  1. Haha! Love the couple-selfie! :)

    And your photo for "hole". That was a tough one and yours is certainly creative.

  2. Love you take on frozen and the cat photo is so sweet!

  3. Beautiful set - love the soft focus on sweet.

  4. I personally like the "frozen" shot, mostly because it's fun and shows your personality :o)

  5. Hmm, I like all of them, but I think "sweet" is my favorite!! And I'm with you - travel books are the best!! :)

  6. Perfect picture for sweet ~ cute kitten!!

  7. I love your winter wonderland. Something about the picture just talks to me about community.

    Great set! I'm your newest follower.


  8. love how you have the photo of the cold winter weather and the travel books together. Are you trying to tell us you need some sun?


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