Scavenger Hunt Sunday: Week 3

I don't know about you but I have a love hate relationship with Sundays.  But I love everything about Scavenger Hunt Sunday - host by Ramblings & Photos.  Because I am a scavenger - not a very good one mind you.  This weeks items were a bit of a challenge.  But I persevered and managed to capture all five with my DSLR.  Let's check out my interpretations this week shall we?

1. Smile
I wish I could have had a better model.  This is how I look on Sunday morning.  This is as big a smile I could muster up.  This could also fall under the artificial category.

2. Stand Alone
Basil is observing the activity of the neighbourhood tom cats.  Actually I think they aren't really tom cats - but there are several of them.  I kind of feel bad that Basil can't go out and play - for fear that he would pummel them to their untimely death {or get hit by a car}.  Thus he must remain a lonely observer.

3.  Rusty or Something Old
This was tricky.  I looked for awhile for something rusty.  OK well I didn't go outside because I didn't feel like venturing out into the arctic.   So I gave up and started looking for something old.   I don't know how old this acoustic guitar is - but it looks like it's been well played. 

4. Artificial 
Luckily we don't have real mice in our house - however Basil does enjoy these artificial mice .  I am giving the new guy two weeks tops. 

5. Repeating Pattern
This was so hard to find.  I don't know why.  This is the floor tile in my bathroom.  I made it black and white because I didn't need you all to see the real colour.  It's pink and black.  Like the entire bathroom.  Right out of the 50's.  We live in a rental - so we deal with it.

If you like looking at pretty pictures - go over to Ashley's and feast your eyes


  1. haha. I like when you said your smile could fall under artificial too :) cute pictures!

  2. Ah, the famous pink and black bathroom tile. I once took a crow bar to our bathroom..which had same said tile...and now my husband hides the crow bar from me. (after remodeling the bathroom I might add)

    I enjoyed your photos!

  3. We never fail to rent apartments with terrible bathroom tile. It must be some rite of passage.

  4. Love the stand alone and guitar shot!!!!

  5. I need to remember this on Sundays. It looks so fun. Remind me next week to participate okay? :) Our cats do the same thing at the window. They want to be outdoor cats or at least they think they do, but they are so spoiled they wouldn't last a day on their own!

  6. oooo, awesome interpretations lady! I should start doing this :-)
    By the way, we are also members of the pink tile club. The joys of renting :-)

  7. Love your stand alone! Cute cat!

  8. Great pics Em! Hope you had a great weekend. Missed you guys last night! :)

  9. Hi. Great photo of you!! And I just love your Basil photo!!

  10. No pink tile for us. But there is some pretty gross grime trapping stuff in our rental. It's disgusting.

    Does one need a fancy camera to join such a linky?

  11. Nice job with these - I really like your first two shots.

  12. I love this idea so much!! I think I need to start participating! The tile picture is so great!

  13. Lovely shots, adore your stand alone. :)


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