SoCal Punk Rock Workout {Play list}

I finally convinced Steve to join the gym.  Since getting married, 10 months ago, I have not returned to my regular routine.  Prior to the wedding - I was hitting it hard {I am slightly exaggerating}, obviously to look rockin' in my dress. Today - I'd be lucky if it still fit me.  That's super depressing.

Since Steve is a lover of pizza, whoppers, and coca cola and his metabolism is not longer that of a 21 year old man-boy.  And me al lover of candy, french fries, poutine, and beer who metabolism sadly vanished at age 27 - there was no choice but to start working on our fitness because those smokin' hot 21 year bodies are in there somewhere - right?! 

This week we managed in our first visit.  I am surprised we even fit that in.  Both of our work-lives are extremely busy at the moment.  Alright - they are extremely busy ALL.THE.TIME.   So I am super impressed that we made the effort to get there.  Next week we are aiming to get there twice - and we will work from there.

Which leads me to this advice - don't EVER go to the Gym without music.  DUH, right?!  Well we both didn't find the time to make a play list - and both never bothered to move some music from iTunes to our phones.  So you can imagine it was a long 60 minutes.  To be perfectly honest - I was ready to leave after 10.

During my lunch break today I took some time to start working on a play list for next week. Not an easy task at all.  Where do I begin?  What songs are good workout songs?  What style of music?  How many songs?  What order do they go in?  Obviously I just made something simple - into something more complicated.  I finally decided to categorize my workout lists by genre.   Because sometimes you're in the mood for some hip hop and then sometimes all you want to hear is some old school rap.  But then sometimes you're ready to step it up and pump out some stress - nothing a little rock n' roll wont cure.

With that big long intro I would like to share with you my first ever workout play list.  I was a teenager of the mid-1990's which means I was blessed with the rise of the Southern California punk rock.  Basically I was shaped and formed to like good music.  Well at least I think I like good  music - Steve might think otherwise.  However this is a genre chalk full of amazing bands that Steve and I both agree on so it makes sense to start here.  Plus nothing gets you pumped like a little So Cal Punk Rock on your iPod and a cute boy to work out with, am I right?! For this list I selected my all time favourite bands and songs.  I am sure there is some sort of science behind where to place each song during the workout unfortunately I lack that skill but without further ado - I proudly present to you in no particular order.......

  1. Bad Religion - 21st Century Digital Boy - 3:07: Do I even need to explain?!  Perfect Warm up/Cool down track.  
  2. Face to Face - No Authority - 2:46:  There is no such thing as a play list unless Face to Face and this song is on it, period.  In high school I once burned a CD with only this song on it.  I love it that much.  Still.  While writing this I have already listened to it 3 times. 
  3. Pennywise - Bro Hymn - 2:58:   To be honest I never was into Pennywise that much - but obviously this song is too catchy and fun to not include.
  4. NOFX - Linoleum - 2:11: When I got my first CD player I also got two CD's one was Meatloaf - Bat Out Of Hell 2 and the other NOFX Punk in Drublic.  I can assure you I no longer listen to Meatloaf. 
  5. Green Day - 2000 Light Years Away - 2:24 When I first heard Green Day I was never a fan.  I didn't really like Dookie.  And then I got my hands on Kerplunk - and totally understood the Green Day Craze. 
  6. Face to Face -  Disconnected - 3:21: What Face to Face fan doesn't like this song?!  
  7. Lagwagon - Sleep - 1:55Quick. Short. Poppy.  Fun.  Perfect song. 
  8. No Use For a Name - Soul Mate - 3:06: It's crazy that 17 years later you can still love a song so much.  I love this song probably just as much as I did when I first heard it.  
  9. Blink 182 - Dammit - 2:47:  I love the Cheshire Cat album, M & M's how cute is that song?!  Don't know it - YouTube it.   But I also really loved Dude Ranch.  Obviously I jumped on the bandwagon when this song was released.  I feel like I am 17 all over again listening to this - if epic was part of my teenage slang that's  how you would describe this.   
  10. Good Riddance - United Cigar - 2:47:  I don't care how much people will taunt me - I LOVE(D) GOOD RIDDANCE.  Not only are their songs ultra catchy but the lead singer is super attractive - bonus. 
  11. Swingin' Utters - Next in Line - 3:40:  I didn't really like Swingin' Utters but I did like this song thus making it worthy of this list. 
  12. Green Day - Christie Road - 3:31:  I always like the slower tempo of this song.  Perfect way to close out a work out. 
Now go ahead and make fun of my musical taste - but I am so super pumped to get to the gym on Monday to listen to this and work on my fitness.   I have a feeling Steve will be making the play lists after this....


  1. Am I a loser for not recognizing even one of those songs??

  2. I made the mistake of telling Kris that you two went to the gym together. He's been after me to get my butt to the gym forever and I keep ignoring him.

    I love the playlist! Good work on putting that together. I'm sure it'll get you and Steve moving at the gym.

  3. Good for you two getting back in the gym. I got Zumba for the Wii for Christmas and I've done it oh once since then. I'm ashamed, but I plan to do it again today because of your post. Haha. And you can bet I will be working out to some amazing music to help motivate me. Go girl!

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  5. Good for you guys! We have a gym upstairs and we don't even go :S BUT I did work out today because of this post ;) Maybe we can all keep each other motivated :)


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