Wedding ABC's: Keepsakes & Location

After a long hiatus I am back to share with you the details of my wedding.  In six weeks and three days {March 3rd} Steve and I will celebrate our one year wedding anniversary.  I am only sort of freaking out about this. How the heck did a year pass us by? 

I started to recap my wedding with a series of Wedding ABC posts - where I would capture the day and the events leading up to it one letter at a time.  You can catch up on all of that here or by visiting the wedding link in my link bar.  In case you don't look I will tell you I only made it to the letter J.  That's only 10 letters.  And 16 letters remaining.  Can I really bore you with 16 more posts about my wedding?  I mean it was a great wedding - but let's be serious.

So instead I will knock through the letters two/three at a time - for a total of 6 posts for the next six Wednesdays.  This will bring us up to speed just in time to wish my handsome husband and I happy anniversary.  If you want to send us a card - let me know - I can hook you up with my addy.  I do love mail. Did you know I got a pen pal?  Completely unrelated but I can't wait to both introduce her to you and more importantly start crafting - hope she likes my granny crafts.

So with that out of the way back to where we left off.

{K} Keepsakes

There are a few things from our wedding that are super special to me - besides my amazing dress that is sadly hanging behind a door screaming/begging to be put back on.  Maybe I will wear it on our anniversary - maybe I will do a trash the dress session?  Maybe I will sleep in it.  Don't think I haven't thought about it. Whatever it is I'm doing I'll look awesome.

Alright this isn't about my dress.   This is about the mementos from the day.  The guestbook.  With a wedding of 20 + guests a guestbook seemed ridiculous.  And to be quite honest I didn't want something that would just collect dust sitting on the shelf.  I scoured Etsy like it was nobodies business.  Man I wish I had heard of Pinterest.  It wasn't until on a message board that I came across a brilliant idea.  A framed map.  Where guests would sign on the matte.  This was perfect for our small destination wedding.  And - it now proudly lives in our dining room.  I love passing by it everyday and read all the love from the most important peeps.  It's truly special.  I've considered having it insured.

{L} Location

This is basically just an excuse for me to share with you not only where we got married - but just how awesome this small coastal town is.  Steve and I had been to Varadero, Cuba twice before.  When selecting a wedding destination we thought of two factors 1. the cost for people to join us.  And 2. the ease to get into town off the resort.  If our guests are anything like us - being stuck at a hotel for 7 days isn't always enjoyable.  It's nice to get off the resort and explore the towns.  Mingle with the locals.  And take pictures.  Get kissed by dolphins.  You know everyday normal guy stuff.

Now keep in mind that Varadero is a tourist town but nonetheless it's pretty awesome.  Prior to the wedding - we travelled to Cuba to do some location scouting.  Another perk to planning a destination wedding.  Having both been to Cuba before we knew that 5 stars in Cuba doesn't translate into international ratings.  So checking out the hotels and the rooms was necessary before making a final decision.  We finally decided on Hotel Iberostar Laguana Azul.  If you're interested check out out wedblog: Steve Plus Emily

Here is what we found during our research trip.

Prior to research - you need a little R&R so we hung out here a bit.  I mean we needed to assess how awesome the ocean and beach really was.  Maybe the sand would be too sandy? 
After a lengthy assessment - the result - the ocean is awesome!
We then went on a catamaran trip - to assess the quality and fun factor.  Oh and the beer.  Of course we had to sample that too.  Result - catamaran booze cruise=fun
A trip into Varadero to check out the scene - result Varadero is pretty rad.
Back at the resort - to sample the beers and to celebrate selecting our wedding location.
Oh - and I think the kisses from this dolphin sealed the deal. 

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  1. Wow, the location is so beautiful! As an American, I hope someday to travel to Cuba. A dolphin kiss is a total deal sealer {not to mention that handsome dude next to you...haha.}

  2. loooove the map idea! Such a treasure to have!

    Congrats on your almost anniversary! We've been married 1.5 years now, and we really can't believe it! time just flies!

  3. Gorgeous photos and I really love your creative guest book idea. What an amazing keepsake to hold onto forever!

  4. I love these and the map idea is lovely!
    Such lovely pictures too. It really is amazing how fast a year flies by. Happy almost 1 yr anniversary :)

  5. Hey Psquared.

    I love this idea. The ABC's of your wedding is completely genius. Can I do it too if I site you as the awesome originator? Are your the awesome originator? Should we say you are even if you aren't? I will lie for you, Psquared. ;)

    Nobutseriously. This was awesome. And a destination wedding is where it's at. I almost wanted to change mine up a couple weeks before the big day due to all the stress of 350+ guest shindig.

  6. I hope you have that picture of you two with the dolphin blown up and framed somewhere in your house. It is just toooooo cute! And I love your map idea...it looks fabulous in that frame. Beautiful wedding, beautiful couple. :)

  7. Love the map idea! And that beach looks heavenly! I could so go for that right about now.

  8. Love the wedding ABC idea! Your location looks like it was absolutely gorgeous, and I love that you chose a non-traditional wedding destination {you don't hear of too many people going to Cuba these days...}.

    Thanks for linking up and hopefully I'll see you again tomorrow!



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