Friday's Letters

It's figgity Friday!  Not only is it Friday - it's Friday of a long weekend.  On Monday the provinces of Ontario, Alberta, and Saskatchewan will celebrate their families for Family Day.  I am hoping that Steve and I can get out and do something fun in the city - regardless it's awesome to have 72 hours of freedom. But before we kick off the weekend - some virtual letters.

Dear Steve Thanks for making me Kraft Dinner for a pre-valentine's dinner {that's macaroni and cheese for my US blog friends}. No matter what your KD will always be the best.  p.s.  You are totally the cheese to my macaroni. 

Dear Thailand Honeymoon I love you!  You came back into planning existence again and your itinerary is 75% confirmed.  I am anxiously waiting your impending arrival.  14 days of hot sun, white sands, buckets of red bull & vodka, monkey's, elephants, tigers, and a handsome husband.

Dear Allison {Nestful of Love} Thanks for the amazing valentine you sent me.  It was the only one I got.  You are officially my valentine of 2012. p.s. Dear Bloggy Friends go over and say hello to this special valentine.  I promise you wont regret it.


Dear Postman You're funny!  Since leaving that package under our red shovel last week - you've done it again.  However this time you left a package for the neighbour.  I can only hope that you left them with instructions on how to locate it?  p.s.  My magazine still hasn't arrived.  Are you done reading it yet? 

Dear Monk {Basil} Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face. Your cuteness and snuggliness makes up for how irritated I am about this biting the sheets and now furniture business. What's that all about anyways?!  Are you depressed?  Do you need some kitty Prozac? Chin up buddy. 

Dear Body In the next coming weeks you need to shape up.  I have a bikini I need to fit into.  Please cooperate.  Cooperating does not include french fries and gravy cravings, large waffle for lunch or reduced valentine's chocolates.  Try to drink some water and eat something healthy.  p.s.  Dear Self you and the body should talk.  I am sure you could come to some sort of compromise.

Dear Ashley thanks again for this linkup and thanks for the honest post you posted this week. It really resonated with me. p.s. Dear Bloggy Friends visit Ashley and link up your virtual letters this week. 


  1. I think that Basil wants to be BFF with my cat, Max. That would totally cheer him up and nip the biting stuff in the bud. ;)

    P.S. Thailand? Really? I'm even more jealous.

  2. Yay honeymoon back on?!? When are you leaving??

  3. thailand looks AMAZING. jealous!!

    and yay for good bloggy friends!

  4. Thailand?! I'm jealous!
    You're a lucky girl, huh?
    Good for you!
    I hope you have a wonderfantabulousful time! and please, take lots of pictures!! And then post them on your blog, okay??
    Thankyouverymuch. :)

    Wow. That was a long comment!

  5. ahh a honeymoon in thailand, lucky you!! and your kitty is very very cute! and allison is indeed awesome

  6. Oh my gosh- a thailand honeymoon! How amazing! My husband and I wanted to go to Bali for our honeymoon, but decided on st. lucia. I am so anxious to see your pictures when you get back! How awesome!! Have so much fun !!

  7. Thailand?! So exciting!!! When are you going? Send Basil here to Ohio while you are gone so he can have a vacation too! Haha.
    P.S. I love being your Valentine! :) Thanks for the blog love!

  8. So when's the Thai Honeymoon happening?

    And...did you learn nothing from my blog? The vodka/redbull buckets are NOT your friend. They cause you to miss 2pm snorkeling trips. {And apparently, in some parts, they are laced with amphetamines...which could be a pro or con, depending you how you roll.}

  9. This is such a cute link up- I must join in. Your mailman sounds funny :) lol

    Not to be a creepo, but if you lived down the street from me I'm pretty sure we'd be pals :)


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