Get to Know Me: Eight Fears

For the past two Saturday's I shared with you 10 Secrets and 9 Loves.   Today I am here to tell you about my fears. I am not sure if this is wise because now you all will know my weaknesses.  Are you ready to learn more about me?!

Do you watch Weeds?  I'm totally rockin' Nancy Botwin here.  Makes me miss summer.  But that's not to point of this post - I want to share my fears.

1. Spiders
End of story.  I hate them.  They are disgusting.  They are creepy.  Big or small - I don't like them.  I get all creeped out even writing about them.  After living in a tropical country - my fear became less intense.  Meaning I can now stay in the same room if I know one is lurking around - but there is no way that I'd being going near it.  Sorry future children - you're on your own in the spider department. 

2. Heights
Did you know that I climbed the Canadian National Tower (CN Tower)?  Yep - all 1776 steps.  I did in 24 minutes.  I nearly died at the top.  Because as I started to climb the metal staircase I realized that the CN Tower is effin' tall.  About half way up I started to panic.  So I had no choice but to finish as quickly as possible.  I am more proud {or is it prouder?} at the fact that I actually finished the climb than I am about my time.  Note to self - remember you are a afraid of heights when spontaneously signing up for things. 

3. Starting a Family
First of all - I am kind of afraid of having children.  What happens if I have a baby and then realize that I didn't really want one?  Am I the only one that fears this?  I am days away from 32 - and I still don't feel ready.  Well - I feel ready but really really scared to make that commitment in case I regret it. And secondly I am afraid that when/if we do make the decision to start a family - that it wont happen.   I am afraid of that let down.  Whoa OK that was heavy.

4. Health
This is why I avoid going to the Dr. at all costs.  I am a strong believer that no news is good news.  Why go out looking for news, right?  As far as I am concerned this broad is healthy.  Note: please don't take this advice - you should probably see your Dr. on a regular basis.

5. Being Kidnapped
If I told you some of the scenarios that run through my head while walking down the street, riding on the subway, laying in bed you'd seriously think I was insane.  I am suspicious of everyone.  I am always planning how people will find me.  This is the number one reason why I ask Steve every morning if I look nice.  I want him to know exactly what I am wearing.  He better be paying attention.

6. Horses
We lived near a horse field growing up.  I had multiple nightmares of these horses getting out and chasing me down.  There is something seriously creepy about their eyes.   My sister-in-law and her family love horses.  So much that they bought two of them.  I might be the only one that's not interested in meeting them.

{Just Because Photography}
7.  Ocean
I love the ocean but it scares the heck out of me.  There are so many weird creatures living in there that I want nothing to do with.  Whenever I am swimming in the ocean I will only go in as far as my waist.  I am always on the lookout for shark fins. Octopus tentacles.  Eels.  Gross - all of them.  Steve begged me to get in the water to touch this dolphin.  I wanted nothing to do with it.  Thankfully I was fueled with liquid courage to get this shot.  I may look like I am smiling - but I was terrified.

Or this moment.  I was so afraid to go out snorkeling that I had to have the guides assistant hold my hand to get me through the coral reef.  I think I started crying.  What a loser.

8. The Dark
For so many reasons.  You never know who or what is lurking in the dark.  I still jump out of bed to avoid being pulled under {in case someone is under there}.  When Steve is away - I sleep with the light on.  On the couch. With the TV on.  I am seriously like an eight year old. It's ridiculous.  Once when Steve was away the power went out.  It was the worst 30 minutes of my life.  I was convinced I was going to die.  Now I keep a lighter and candle close by. 

So there you have it.  Eight ways to scare me.  So don't be sending me boxes of spiders.  Sneaking up on me in the dark. Or buying me a bungee jumping trip.  I don't want any of it.


  1. Love Nancy Botwin, and E-Ho as Nancy Botwin :)

    I hear you on #3. I've had dreams before where we had a baby, came home, and then forgot about it. We'd be out to dinner and then suddenly go "Oh crap...the baby."

  2. I HATE the dark. I also sleep with the lights on if I sleep alone. You just never know. All those creepy sounds.....

  3. Did you climb the CN tower for a charity? I know there is a charity event that does something like that..? and also-I am so scared of the dark!

  4. Emily, this post is awesome on so many levels!

    First of all.. SO Nancy Botwin! I giggled.

    #3- ditto. well, I'm a little younger, but I have the SAME exact fears.

    #7- Yes. I like to say that I have a "mental allergy" to all things fish. Possibly at the same level of your fear. What do you think? http://www.pricelessadventure.com/2011/09/ichthyophobia.html

  5. Heights terrify me too! A few years ago we climbed Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and I did the exact same thing. The sooner I got up there the sooner I could get back down haha

  6. I'm the same way about the ocean. haha I have this irrational fear of stepping on a horseshoe crab or getting stuck in seaweed. :/

  7. i'm new to your blog-visiting from the weekend wander...so not sure where you live...Mexico city?? is kidnapping something you should be frightened of...is it likely to happen?but hey-don't think anybody would not be frightened of it.

  8. Oh girl, I have alot of the same fears, especially the ocean, dark, kidnapping, and kids. Like you I'm scared of if I try, I'll fail...infertility is some serious ish, especially with so many girls struggling in the blog world.

  9. I'm convinced that drinking out of straw automatically makes you look sexier. Mostly because Nancy Botwin is one sexy mama and when I drink out of a straw, I'm pretty convinced I look exactly like her (note: please do not burst this bubble).

    We all have weird fears (umm, birds anyone??) and I'm pretty sure EVERY woman freaks out about having kids at some point. But really, have you ever heard anyone say they regret having kids? I mean, MAYBE Nancy Botwin...but then again, I don't think you plan on becoming a drug dealer, so I wouldn't use her as an example.

  10. I'm like you in the baby department. I'm 38 and just started feeling that if I did get pregnant it would be ok. I mostly was scared that I would suck at being a mother, but also of what you expressed. What a relief to know there is someone else who feels that way.
    And heights - awful. And spiders. I've had two giant spiders in my bathroom. Dreadful!

  11. I'm scared of Spiders and the ocean too...
    ooohhh i wish I could encourage you about starting a family (not to necessarily start one but just to encourage you), and the one about the doctors...girrrrrrrl you got it, you can handle both!!!

  12. Girl, I'm with you on all of these. Except I'm going to swap your fear of horses for my fear of birds. But otherwise, I'm with ya.

  13. The ocean scares me. I think it's the foreverness of it. I am a swimmer but being in an ocean makes me feel powerless.

  14. I'm with you on health. I've been called a hypochondriac many times.

    My list would look like this: SNAKES x6, robots, and space.

    Also, I'll just add this comment I was going to leave on your previous post. My wedding dress is currently unwashed and hanging on my closet door. I'm so glad I'm not the only one!

  15. On our honeymoon I cried while we were snorkeling. Seriously. I was so so scared... "Thanks" to our Cuban guide, who said "you mustn't touch the Broadbarred firefish". The What?! what is that???! I had no idea what kind of fish was that, and didn't know what it looks like. So I spent the whole day swimming away from every fish I saw...

  16. Sometimes I wonder if we have the same brain. I share ALL of these (except I would exchange "Horses" for "Throwing Up" since I'm not scared of horses but I'm terrified of throwing up.)

  17. Oh my gosh! We are alike in so many ways! About starting a family, I remember crying to my now husband {we were just bf and gf at the time} saying I didn’t want children and he was so certain I would change my mind. A week later I found out I was pregnant and I can’t explain the excitement I felt but there was still a fear throughout the pregnancy that I wouldn’t be a good mom…Now that I have him I can’t imagine why I felt like that it is an overwhelming love I don’t think you would ever regret him or her. I’ve never been happier and of course I have mommy brain so I want everyone to have one but it’s a decision you will be glad you made  I am also afraid of the dark and do all the same things when my husband isn’t home. The baby is still sleeping in my room because I have a fear of having to sit in the dark by myself away from Steve lol

  18. Oh my I'm with ya on all of these!
    Especially the getting kidnapped (or murdered). My imagination rules wild!

    The ocean is scary! I hate thinking about all the creatures in there! I finally tried snorkelling last year on our cruise and we were surrounded by little clear jellyfish! They would sting you all over but thankfully it was just a small pinching feeling. Lets just say I got out of the water pretty fast!


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