Get To Know Me: Nine Loves

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Last week I started the '10 Day You Challenge' and spread 10 secrets about myself across the interweb.  You learned some new facts about e-ho!  I am surprised you're still here - thanks for sticking it out.  Are you ready to learn some more about me?

This topic seems fitting with Valentines day looming.   We're all looking to talk about love aren't we?  Maybe not.  But pinpointing this list down to only nine loves has been tough because I love a lot of things. Probably because when I like something I get completely obsessed with it.  And then I'll lose interest.  But there are some things that I'll never lose interest in.

1. Steve. 
Barf right?  But seriously Steve isn't only my husband - he's my best friend. I love him the most.  I could just end the list here.  But I need to redeem myself for the cheese-fest that's going on up in here.

2.  Basil
Obviously.  I love this cat so much.  I don't know what it's like to love human babies - but I kinda love my cat like that.  I am sure when I do have babies of my own - I'll laugh at this statement.  But until then .... I effin' love my cat.

3. Travelling
 The first time I left Canada I was 22.  Since then I have had the travel bug.  I love picking up and taking off.  I love exploring new cities, town, countrysides.  Observing the locals.  Eating new foods.  I love everything about it.  But mostly I love travelling with Steve.  He is the best travel companion.  Our travel styles are similiar {though some of our most desired locations differ}. This explains why we chose a destination wedding, besides the fact that there was very little planning involved. Since 2002 I have been to; South Korea, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, US, and Cuba.  I have loved each of those places.  We are currently planning a trip to England sometime in March and an even bigger trip to Thailand sometime in September.  2012 is going to be huge.

{Crab Fishing in Vietnam}
{Snorkeling in Cuba}

4.  Camping
This probably stems from my love of travel.  But last year Steve and I went on our first camping trip together and fell in love {with camping not each other}.  Camping has made me appreciate the awesomeness of Ontario.  There are an abundance of parks and I can't wait to start exploring them this summer.  Our first trip in May is already in the works.  Expect a lot of camp talk here there-afterwards.

5. Sewing
Even though I am a lazy sewist - I absolutely love it.  For my 29th birthday I bought myself sewing lessons because I hadn't done any sewing since the seventh grade.  After the first class I forked out some cheese and bought a sewing machine.  Then I went crazy and bought a ton of sewing supplies, books, and patterns {did I mention that when I like something I get obsessed?}.  Well now I rarely have/make time for it.  I am determined to finish at least one project before the end of February. 

6. To Entertain
I love having people over for dinner.   I like organizing parties.   All of it.  If it wasn't so time consuming I would have a dinner party every weekend.   I like getting everyone together for a purpose. 

7. Books
I rarely have time for books which is why I enjoy blogging.  Especially those blogs that teach me something.  I have never been a fan of fiction - minus the obvious Sweet Valley High, Babysitters Club, Lauren Conrad, and the Shopaholic series - I mostly read non-fiction.  Boring stuff like environmental issues and food politics.  Sometimes I read about gardening {I don't have a garden - but have five books on the subject}.   And I also love travel books.  So I can dream about all the places I want to go.

8. Music
I love how music can warp you back to a certain point in your life.  It stirs up memories.  It makes you happy.  It makes you sad.  It sets the mood.  I love when Steve plays guitar.  I am still waiting for him to serenade me with a song he's written about me.

9. Family
Family is good.  Family is complicated.  Family is home.

{Old Family}
{New Family}


  1. I love your nine loves. :) Oh Sweet Valley High...reading that brought back memories. Haha. Happy Saturday!

  2. I love that your cat is number 2. I'm obsessed with my cats and love hearing about other peoples' cats as well :)


  3. Loved reading this and learning about you- Good to see you're also from ontario and like camping!

  4. I'm loving all of these posts about you! I always respect people who legitimately enjoy non-fiction books- I don't have the attention span. Also, loved the old family photo at the end! And I'm jealous of your travelling list- you're one well traveled lady!

  5. Love this post!! You've been to Cuba...that is awesome! Great photos!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. aww, SO beautiful! So glad to have found you today!!


  7. What a lovely blog you have! I look forward to following your blog and travels. :)

  8. I can only assume Kevin would be on this list if it went to 10.


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